Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 3

Item recipes

Create the following items by combining the corresponding ingredients:

Antidote - Antidoteherb + Blue Mushroom
Bomb Material - Sap Plant + Stone
Catalyst - Honey + Bitterbug
Coldmeet - Welldone Steak + Ice Crystal
Cooldrink - Ice Crystal + Bitter Bug
Demondrug - Catalyst + Powerseed
Deodorant - Bomb Material + Sunset Herb
Dung Bomb - Dung + Bomb Material
Energy Drink - Honey + Sunset Herb
Flashbomb - Bomb Material + Flash Bug
Gunpowder - Fireherb + Nitroshroom
Herbal Medicine - Cactusflower + Bitterbug.
Hotdrink - Hotpepper + Bitterbug
Ironpickaxe - Iron Ore + Bone
Maxpotion - Mega Nutrients + Dragon Toadstool
Meganutrients - Nutrients + Honey
Megapotion - Potion + Honey
Net - Spiderweb + Ivy
Nutrients - Blue Mushroom + Godbug
Old Pickaxe - Stone + Bone
Pitfalltrap - Net + Traptool
Potion - Herb + Blue Mushroom
Poison Smoke Bomb - Bomb Material + Toadstool
Powerjuice - Catalyst + Rare Steak
Shocktrap - Traptool + Genprey Fang
Smokebomb - Bomb Material + Ivy
Sonicbomb - Gunpowder + Screamer
Thawing Agent - Fire Herb + Rumble Fish

Rating 1

Gia Prey strategy

Acquire the long sword and find Gia Prey. You must be able to dodge. Draw your weapon and dodge their attacks while slicing until you charge up your Spirit gauge. Make sure you keep tapping R while aiming at them.

Rating 1

Jungle Kut-Ku strategy

Use the White Serpentblade and Sonic Bombs. Keep attacking it head on and it should die after around thirty to forty hits.

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Flashbug hint

Flashbugs can befound at the Pokke farm.

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Prequel bonus

Start a new game with a saved game file from the original Monster Hunter Freedom on your memory stick to begin with some of the items you obtained in the Monster Hunter Freedom chest and bonus Zenny.

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Unlockable Gallery movies

Unlock the following gallery movies by performing the corresponding tasks:

A Phantom Appears - Encounter a Kirin.
Akantor Ecology - Kill Akantor.
Anger And Calamity - Kill Crimson Fatalis.
Behold The Kut-Ku - Encounter Yian Kut-Ku.
Burning Rock - Successfully complete the "Volcano Gathering" quest.
Congalala Ecology - Encounter a Congalala.
Daiymo Hermitaur Ecology - Defeat Daiymo Hermitaur.
Deep Forest Illusion - Encounter Chameleos.
Desert Hunter - Encounter a Cephadrome.
Desert Tyrant - Encounter a Diablos.
Diablos Ecology - Encounter a Diablos.
Emperor Of Flame - Encounter Elder Village Teostra.
Empress Of Flame - Encounter a Lunastra.
Gravios Ecology - Encounter a Gravios.
Khezu Ecology - Kill Khezu.
Kushala Daora Ecology - Encounter a Kushala Daora.
Lao Shan Lung - Encounter Lao Shan Lung.
Lao Shan Lung!? - Encounter Shen Gaoren.
Legend of Flight - Kill Fatalis.
Light In The Dark - Encounter Khezu.
Location Of Eternity - Successfully complete the "Forest And Hills Gathering" quest.
One Horned Daiymo - Encounter Daiymo Hermitaur.
Plesioth Ecology - Defeat Plesioth.
Rathian Ecology - Encounter a Rathian.
Revived Queen's Battle - Encounter G-rank Lunastra.
Roar Of The Horn - Encounter Monoblos.
Roar Of The Wolf - Encounter Yian Garuga.
Rocky Mountain Dragon - Encounter Azure Lao-Shan Lung.
Shadow In The Tempest - Encounter a Kushala Daora at Jungle.
Silver World - Successfully complete the "Mountain Gathering" quest.
Steel In The Blizzard - Encounter Kushala Daora.
Sterling Hunter - Encounter a Giadrome.
The Ancestor - Encounter White Fatalis.
The Devil's Scythe - Encounter a Shogun Ceanataur in the four star "Elder" quest.
The Green Of The Land - Successfully complete the "Jungle Gathering" quest.
The Jungle Outlaw - Encounter a Congalala.
The Piscine Plesioth - Encounter Plesioth.
The Poison Gypceros - Encounter Gypceros.
The Raging Rajang - Encounter Elder Village Rajang.
The Raging Tigrex - Encounter a Tigrex in the five star "Elder Urgent" quest.
The Roaring King - Encounter a Bulldrome.
The Sly Hunter - Encounter a Velocidrome.
The Still Swamp - Enter the Swamp Area.
The Tower - Leave camp in the Tower Area.
The Tyrant Tigrex - Encounter a Tigrex.
The White Darkness - Encounter a Blangonga.
Tigrex Ecology - Encounter a Tigrex in the five star "Elder Urgent" quest.
Tyrannical Roar - Encounter an Akantor.
Volcanic Leader - Encounter a Gravios.
White Night Dune - Enter the Desert Area.