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Monster Hunter Freedom Cheats "Easy money, armor, and weapons hint" (Sony PSP)


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Easy money, armor, and weapons hint

Once you have the six star urgent quest "Rage of Yian Garuga" or "Revenge of the Garuga", repeat the quest by doing the glitch (deliver one Spiderweb to Forest Elder in Zone 7 and wait until time runs out) and defeating The Yian Garuga the next time you do the quest. Note: This time, Garuga has one-third of its life remaining. Do the quest after you do the glitch and get everything in the supply box. Then go to Zone 2 and kill all the Velociprey and Vespoid and wait for Garuga. The bowgun is possibly the best weapon because there is a low ledge there and Garuga will not fly to get you. Stay at the very back of the ledge because the fireball can hit you. Note: Keep aiming at the head to defeat it quickly. The best weapon probably is the shotgun (blood). Then make a Raven Do. You can make Garuga Armor and Garuga weapons, which offer High Defense, High Attack, and White Sharpness, if upgraded to Wolf (for example, Sentoryu Raven upgraded Sentoryu Wolf), but it will be expensive. Sell some Garuga items if you have too many. Try to keep the Garuga Carvings at a quantity of five or ten. You can get more than 100,000Z by doing this.

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