Monster Hunter Freedom Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 8

Unlockable Guild Titles

Unlock the following Guild Titles by performing the corresponding tasks:

- Kill 50 wyverns of that type.
Hunter - Kill 20 wyverns of that type.
Bourgeoisie Hunter - Current cash must be more than 200,000 Zenny.
Bug Catching Millionaire - Develop the Kokoto Bug Catching area to the max.
Desert Guide - Complete several dozen missions in the Desert area.
Fishing Millionaire - Develop the Kokoto Fishing area to the max.
Forest And Hills Guide - Complete several dozen missions in the Forest Hill area.
Giant - Kill a monster worth one gold crown.
Harvest Millionaire - Develop the Kokoto Farm area to the max.
Hero of Koto - Clear all of the village Chief's quests.
Jungle Guide - Complete several dozen missions in the Jungle area.
Mining Millionaire - Develop the Kokoto Mining area to the max.
New Village Friend - Clear all of the village Chief's level 1 and level 2 quests.
Plesioth Angler - Catch a Plesioth while fishing during a mission.
Swamp Guide - Complete several dozen missions in the Swamp area.
Sword Collector - Forge ten very rare great swords.
Top-Class Hunter - Clear all of the village Chief's level 5 quests.
Village Defender - Clear all of the village Chief's level 3 and level 4 quest.
Volcanic Guide - Complete several dozen missions in the Volcanic Belt area.
Weak Hunter - Accrue 100 hours of game play time.

Rating 8

Easy money, armor, and weapons hint

Once you have the six star urgent quest "Rage of Yian Garuga" or "Revenge of the Garuga", repeat the quest by doing the glitch (deliver one Spiderweb to Forest Elder in Zone 7 and wait until time runs out) and defeating The Yian Garuga the next time you do the quest. Note: This time, Garuga has one-third of its life remaining. Do the quest after you do the glitch and get everything in the supply box. Then go to Zone 2 and kill all the Velociprey and Vespoid and wait for Garuga. The bowgun is possibly the best weapon because there is a low ledge there and Garuga will not fly to get you. Stay at the very back of the ledge because the fireball can hit you. Note: Keep aiming at the head to defeat it quickly. The best weapon probably is the shotgun (blood). Then make a Raven Do. You can make Garuga Armor and Garuga weapons, which offer High Defense, High Attack, and White Sharpness, if upgraded to Wolf (for example, Sentoryu Raven upgraded Sentoryu Wolf), but it will be expensive. Sell some Garuga items if you have too many. Try to keep the Garuga Carvings at a quantity of five or ten. You can get more than 100,000Z by doing this.

Rating 6

Reach Hunter Rank 2

To reach Hunter Rank 2, clear the following four star guild quests: The Land Shark, Trouble in the Swamp, Jungle Menace, Attack of the Yian Kut-Ku, Catch a Yian Kut-Ku, and Catch a Gypceros. Then, clear the urgent quest 4 Horns.

Rating 5

Wyvern strategy

A sword and shield is recommended. Run up towards the Wyven and get underneath it to start attacking it from underneath. They won't breath fire or spit things at you but watch out for rams, melee attacks and charges. This is properly the best way, apart from bowguns, to defeat Wyvens.

Rating 4

Kut-Ku strategy

Get a Bowgun and Level 2 (99) bullets. Keep shooting at its head until it falls. You will get a lot of money by completing this quest.

Rating 4

Catch the Plesioth faster

First, unload Clust level 1, then six shots of Clust level 2. Do the same with Crag 1 and 2.

Rating 4

Training School

Unlock the Level 2 missions from the town sage and successfully complete "The Great Jungle Kut-Ku" mission to unlock the Training School, where you can fight against the Kut-Ku with limited weapons, armor, and items. When you defeat other powerful monsters, you will have the option to train against them.

Rating 4

Kut-Ku Scales hint

During every Jungle quest you do, go to Area 6 and jump up on the ledge. Walk next to the Wyvern egg nest and search to find one to four Kut-Ku scales every time, which sell for 250 Z each. An easy way to do this is to go to the Offline Gathering Hall and repeatedly do the four star "Gathering-Jungle Zone" quest.

Rating 2

Easy money

-Complete all Level 1 quests. Then, talk to the man near your house. He is to the left of the south entrance. He will let you go to the Koto farm. Once there, do everything you can (mining, fishing, etc.), then leave and sell the items you obtained. Then, go to the wise person but do not talk to him. Instead, look behind him. You will see a house. Try going in the offline hall. When you get there, you will see lots of things. Talk to the girl with the red dress in between the wise old man and the girl in the blue dress, and she will give you a list of quests. Go to the top and choose the easiest level. One of the missions will be a gathering mission, but nothing for you to gather. Choose it and start the quest. Go to the supply box and get Paw Print out of it. Deliver it to the other box and you will have completed the quest. Once you are back in town, go to the Koto farm and get more items. Sell them and repeat the process again. This is an easy way to make money, and is also a good way to help renovate the Koto farm.

-Complete all Level 1 quests. Then, select the last mission. You will need 200Z for the mission fee and one or two picks. Start the mission and get the supplies and eat the meat to get more resistance. Follow this route 2 to 5. If you find an Gendrome here, kill it. Then, go 10 to 11. On 11 you will need to mine to get the crystal. Then, return from the same route. From 10 run straight to 5. Run in zigzags to 2 (walk or run). There is nothing here that can attack you (except for the Gendrome sometimes). At 1, deliver the crystal and you will get the 3000Z and 200 multiplied by 2Z of the fee.

-At the start of the game, talk to the chief and get money. Then, talk to the man and go to Kokoto farm. Beat the Level 1 quests and the "A Formidable Velocidrome" quest. Then, get a Bonekris or Bonepick (recommended) . Upgrade it to Bonespike and repeatedly kill Velocidromes. Make sure you also kill lots of Velocipreys. Carve up everything you killed. When you are back in the village, sell all the items you have then go to the farm. Get everything and sell it. The quest alone results in 1100Z for doing it with one life. This is also a good way to get points to renovate the farm, and the Bonespike can kill a Velocidrome in a little under ten hits.

-Do the "Gathering" quest for Forest/Hills, where you just have to deliver the Paw Pass ticket in the supply box. In the supply box, grab your map and your Paw Pass Ticket. Go to Area 2 and search around the first rock you see on the left when entering from Area 1. You will get either a Kut-Ku Scale or a Paintberry. Just sell the Kut-Ku Scales for easy money.

-Do the "Gathering" quest for Swamp in the Four Star guild quests, where you just have to deliver the Paw Pass Ticket in the supply box. Bring pickaxes, and if you are bringing Iron, bring four because they will constantly keep breaking. To get good money, enter all the caves and mine all the areas. You can get ores such as Dragonite, Union, Machalite, etc. Sell them or keep them for smithing.

Rating 2

Secret Desert area

Supposedly there is a secret area in G Class gathering quest that can be accessed by starting a Desert Gathering quest and turning off the PSP when the loading screen reads "Beginning Quest". Wait a few seconds, then turn it back on to appear in a zone between Zones 6 and 7. There are rare stones on the ground.

Rating 2

Loprey Scales hint

Go to the Offline Gathering Hall. and go to the 2 star quest and theVolcanic Gathering zone. They are on the first, second, or third place on the map.

Rating 2

Veggie Elder tickets

Link up with someone, befriend them, and raise your friendship level to about 12 (not the heart-o-meter, but on the card it says lvl). Then, talk to the Hero's brother sitting at the reception. He will give you a Veggie Elder ticket. The better the friendship, the better the ticket.

Rating 2

Wyvern data

Yian Kut-Ku
Weak Point - Wing, Head
Elemental Weak Point - Water
Strong Point - n/a
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - Wing, Body, Hide: Green

Weak Point - head Crest
Elemental Weak Point - Fire
Strong Point - Hide
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - All: Green, Hide: Blue (at the Max)

Weak Point - Head, Tail
Elemental Weak Point - Water, Dragon
Strong Point - n/a
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - All: Green

Weak Point - Head, Tail
Elemental Weak Point - Water, Dragon
Strong Point - n/a
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - All: Green

Yian Garuga
Weak Point - Head Tail
Elemental Weak Point - n/a
Strong Point - Wing, Hide
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - Wing, Hide: n/a, Feet, Stomach: Green

Weak Point - Stomach Plate
Elemental Weak Point - Dragon
Strong Point - Hide, Head
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - Hide: White, Stomach: Green, Other Parts: Green

Weak Point - Stomach Plate
Elemental Weak Point - Water, Dragon
Strong Point - Feet, Hide
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - Feed, Hide: n/a, Stomach Plate: Blue

Weak Point - Feet, Tail Fin
Elemental Weak Point - Fire, Thunder
Strong Point - n/a
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - Feet, Tail Fin: Green or Blue

Weak Point - Head or Lips
Elemental Weak Point - Fire
Strong Point - Hide
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - Hide: White, Lips or Head: Green or Blue

Weak Point - Head, Tail
Elemental Weak Point - Water
Strong Point - Hide
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - Hide: White, Head: Green

Weak Point - Head,  Tail
Elemental Weak Point - Water, Dragon, Thunder
Strong Point - Hide
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - Hide: White, Head: Green

Weak Point - Head, Tailfin
Elemental Weak Point - Fire, Thunder
Strong Point - Feet
Sharpness To Pierce Skin - All: Green

Rating 2

Duplicate items

Play with two players and get all the items you want to trade, then go to the online gathering hall. Give all the items you want to the other player. Note: There are some items you cannot trade. Turn off the game without saving while the other player stays in the online gathering hall. Turn on the game again and you will have all the items that you gave away. Get back all the items you gave the other player and you will have doubled your items.

Rating 2

Completing the Deliver The Egg quest

Take out all the potions and rations. It is also recommended to bring some well done steaks. Go to Area 2 and kill every Velocoprey that jumps in there. This may take awhile and require some potions. After you kill them, go to Area 3 then to Area 4. You will see a scene where the Ratholos swoops in. As soon as it quits, crouch down by pressing X. After that, walk slowly behind the nearest big rock and try to watch the Ratholos, but make sure he cannot see you. If done correctly and you keep out of his sight, he will fly off. Stand up and run for Area 5. When you get there, kill all the Velocoprey. There should only be four of them. An intermission sequence will show you where the nest is located. Once the Velocoprey are dead, go up to the nest. Do not get the egg yet. Instead, eat all you rations or well done steaks. Search the nest to find the egg. Note - Watch your stamina; if it goes all the way down you will break the egg. Also, if you are attacked or try to use an item the egg will fall and break. You should now have an easy way back to camp. Go to Area 4 then Area 3. Be careful, as Ratholos may be in any of these areas at any time. If you see him, run back to the previous area and wait for him to leave. Sometimes if you go back to Area 2 after the Velocoprey are killed, there will be one straggler. However, most of the time if you killed them all before you should be safe. Just watch out for the Vesipod. From Area 2 go to Area 1. Then go to the camp. Go to the delivery box and press Circle to successfully deliver your first egg.

Rating 1

Easy items hint

Complete the gathering quest for forest and hills from the guild. When you enter Zone 1, go down the hill and turn to your right so that the cliff type landscape is on your right side. Then go forward towards the water to find a pile of dung sitting on the ground in the corner. Go over to it and press Circle to get either dung, monster droppings, or a Kut-Ku scale. Use the dung and monster droppings to fertilize your field.

Rating 1

Garuga strategy

Have Level 2 (99) bullets. There is a ledge that you can climb to attack the Garuga; it is the smaller ledge. The Garuga will not come up. All you need to do is keep shooting it in the head. You will get 40,000 Z for defeating it.

Rating 1

Ore hint

Go to the Offline Gathering quest and go to the four star gathering quest. Note: The gray areas on the map are mining points. You don't always have to do quests. Go to the Kokoto farm to get a pick axe and go inside the gathering hall. Go to the woman nearest to the door. Note: There are two women in red outfits.

Rating 1

Unlockable Movies

Encounter one of the following monsters to unlock the corresponding movie in the gallery:

Avian Master of Jungle - Yian Kut Ku in the "Great Jungle Kut Ku" quest
Blue Hunter - Velociprey in "Your First Monster Hunt" quest
Divine Providence - Rathalos in the "Rathalos Urgent" quest
King of the Heavens - Rathalos in the "One Star Egg Carry" quest
Lao-Shan Lung - Lao Shan Lung
Menace in the Sand - Cephladrome in the "Land Shark" quest
Poison of the Swamp - Gypceros in the swamp
Shepard - Velocidrome in the "The Formidable Velocidrome!" quest
Supreme Ruler Inferno - Gravios
The Lone Black Wolf - Yian Garuga in the "Slay 20 Velociprey" quest
The Phantom Beast - Kirin
The Ancient Piscine - Plesioth

Rating 1

Pet pig

Near the beginning of the game, look for a pig following a man around the village. Stroke it and music will play. As soon as the music stops, press X and the pig will become yours.

Rating 0

Yian Kut-Ku strategy

Use the following strategy to kill Yian Kut-Ku (Jungle-Level 2 quests) easily. To do this without using a bowgun, you will need the following: armor (at least Velociprey), a good sword (preferably Hurricane+, which are dual swords), Psycoserum, Paint Balls, fifteen Whetstones, ten potions, five Herbs and Blue Mushrooms, Rations/Steaks, two Flashbombs, two Sonic Bombs (Screamer + Gunpowder), Pitfall Trap, two Nets, two Traptools, Combo Books 1 and 2, and 3, small and three Large Barrel Bombs. First, go to Area 2 and use Psycoserum to find Kut-Ku. Mark it with a Paintball. Dodge its attacks until it goes berserk and runs at you, then immediately lay a Pitfall Trap so it is between you and the Kut-ku. Lure it in, and when it gets stuck immediately set a Large Barrel Bomb then a Small Barrel Bomb and run. Do this until you are out of bombs. Then, attack it as much as possible while it is still stuck in the trap. When it gets out, use a Flash or Sonic Bomb. Attack it while it can't move. Be careful because it can still hit you with its tail. Do this until it is dead. Note: When its ears go down, it is very close to dying. Just keep hammering it. You might have to sharpen a lot. Only weapons with green sharpness can cut through enough to kill it.

Rating 0


The Alchemy skill is required to do these combinations. For example, an easy and cheap armor set with Alchemy skill can be:

Head - Hunter Helm
Chest - Battle Mail
Arms - Chain Vambraces
Belt - Velociprey Tasset
Boots - Any

Ancient Potion - Immunizer (10) + Kelbi Horn (55 success)
Antidote - Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom (95 success)
Antidote Flute - Flute + Antiseptic Stone (48) (65 success)
Antiseptic Stone - Bitterbug + Earth Crystal (75 success)
Armor Flute - Mega Armorskin + Med Monster Bone (55 success)
Armor Pill - Immunizer + Armour Seed (75 success)
Armor Seed - Needleberry + Velocidrome Claw (65 success)
Armortalon - armorcharm + sm Lao-shan claw (55 success)
Armor S - Huskberry + Armour Seed (75 success)
Armorskin - Catalyst (9) + Armour Seed (65 success)
Arrowana Bait - Cricket + Bughopper (95 success)
Blue Mushroom - Antidote Herb + Toadstool (95 success)
Bomb Material - Stone + Sap Plant (95 success)
Bugnet - Net + Sm Monster Bone (75 success)
Carbalite Ore x2 - Expand Pickaxe + Carbalite Ore (90 success)
Catalyst - Bitterbug + Honey (75 success)
clust S Lv1 - Huskberry + Bomberry (90 success)
Clust S Lv2 - Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Claw (75 success)
Clust S Lv3 - Lg Bone Husk + Scatterfish (95 success)
Cool Drink - Ice Crystal + Bitterbug (95 success)
Crag S Lv1 - Huskberry + Burst Arrowana (90 success)
Crag S Lv2 - Sm Bone Husk + Burst Arrowana (90 success)
Crag S Lv3 - Lg Bone Husk + Bomb Arrowana (95 success)
Demon Flute - Mega Demondrug + Med Monster Bone (55 success)
Demon S - Huskberry + Power Seed (75 success)
Demondrug - Catalyst (9) + Power Seed (65 success)
Disk Stone x5 - Expand Pickaxe + Disk Stone (90 success)
Dragon S - Lg Bone Husk + Dragon Seed (75 success)
Dragonite Ore x3 - Expand Pickaxe + Dragonite Ore (90 success)
Drugged Meat - Raw Meat + Sleep Herb (90 success)
Dung Bomg - Bomb Material (25) + Dung (75 success)
Earth Crystal x3 - Expand Pickaxe + Earth Crystal (90 success)
Fire Herb - Garbage + Hot Pepper (90 success)
Firecell Stone x2 - Expand Pickaxe + Firecell Stone (90 success)
Firestone x2 - Expand Pickaxe + Firestone (90 success)
Flaming S - Huskberry + Fire Herb (90 success)
Flash Bomb - Bomb Material (25) + Flashbug (75 success)
Goldenfish Bait - Firefly + Snakebee Larva (90 success)
Gunpowder - Nitroshroom + Fire Herb (95 success)
Hard Monster Bonex2 - Expand Pickaxe + Hard Monster Bone (90 success)
Health Flute - Flute + Lifepowder (50) (65 success)
Herb - Sap Plant + Insect Husk (95 success)
Herbal Medicine - Cactus Flower + Bitterbug (90 success)
Honey - Firefly + Special Mushroom (90 success)
Hot Drink - Hot pepper + Bitterbug (95 success)
Huskberry x 5 - Huskberry + Iron Ore (75 success)
Ice S - Huskberry + Knife Mackarel (75 success)
Immunizer - Catalyst (9) + Dragon Toadstool (75 success)
Iron Ore x5 - Expand Pickaxe + Iron Ore (90 success)
Iron Pickaxe - Iron ore + Bone (75 success)
Joinergrasshopper x2 - Expand Pickaxe + Joinergrasshopper (90 success)
King Scarab x3 - Expand Pickaxe + King Scarab (90 success)
Large Barrel - Med Monster Bone + Ivy (65 success)
Large Barrel Bomb - Large Barrel + Gunpowder (31) (75 success)
Lg Barrel Bomb+ - Lg Barrel Bomb (34) + Monster Broth (75 success)
Lifecrystals - Godbug + Wyvern Fang (90 success)
Lifepowder - Lifecrystals (49) + Wyvern Claw (65 success)
Lightcrystal x2 - Expand Pickaxe + Lightcrystal (90 success)
Machalite Ore x3 - Expand Pickaxe + Machalite Ore (90 success)
Max Potion - Mega Nutrients (4) + Dragon Toadstool (65 success)
Mega Armorskin - Armorskin (16) + Pale Extract (55 success)
Mega Bugnet - Net + Med monster Bone (95 success)
Mega Demondrug - Demondrug (13) + Pale Extract (55 success)
Mega Juice - Power Extract + Well Done Steak (65 success)
Mega Nutrients - Nutrients (3) + Honey (75 success)
Mega pickaxe - Machalite Ore + Bone (95 success)
Mega Potion - Potion (1) + Honey (90 success)
Monster Bone+ x2 - Expand Pickaxe + Monster Bone+ (90 success)
Monster Broth - Monster Fluid + Bitterbug (55 success)
Monster Fluid - Ice crystal + Sleep sac (55 success)
Needleberry x 5 - Needleberry + Earth Crystal (75 success)
Net - Spiderweb + Ivy (90 success)
Normal S Lv2 - Huskberry + Needleberry (95 success)
Normal S Lv3 - Huskberry + Rumblefish (95 success)
Novacrystal x2 - Expand Pickaxe + Novacrystal (90 success)
Nutrients - Blue Mushroom + Godbug (90 success)
Old bugnet - Net + Mystery Bone (95 success)
Old Pickaxe - Stone + Bone (95 success)
Paint S - Huskberry + Paintberry (90 success)
Paintball - Paintberry + Sap Plant (95 success)
Paralyze Thr Knf - Throwing knife + Stunshroom (90 success)
Pellet S Lv1 - Huskberry + Scatternut (90 success)
Pellet S Lv2 - Huskberry + Wyvern Fang (75 success)
Pellet S Lv3 - Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Fang (75 success)
PIERCE S Lv1 - Huskberry + Velociprey Fang (90 success)
PIERCE S Lv2 - Huskberry + Pin Tuna (75 success)
Pierce S Lv3 - Sm Bone Husk + Pin Tuna (75 success)
Pitfall Trap - Net (37) + Trap Tool (65 success)
Poison S Lv1 - Huskberry + Toadstool (90 success)
Poison S Lv2 - Sm Bone Husk + Ioprey Fang (75 success)
Poison smoke Bmb - Bomb Material (25) + Toadstool (75 success)
Poison Thrw Knf - Throwing knife + Toadstool (90 success)
Poisoned Meat - Raw Meat + Toadstool (90 success)
Potion - Blue Mushroom + Herb (95 success)
Power Extract - Dragon Seed + Piscine Liver (65 success)
Power Juice - Catalyst (9) + Rare Steak (75 success)
Power Pill - Immunizer + Power Seed (75 success)
Power Seed - Bomberry + Kut-ku Scale (65 success)
Powertalon - powercharm + sm Lao-shan claw (55 success)
Psychoserum - Cactus Flower + Thunderbug (75 success)
PureCrystal x2 - Expand Pickaxe + PureCrystal (90 success)
Rare Steak - Thunderbug + Velociprey Hide (90 success)
Raw Meat - Burnt Meat + Dung (95 success)
Recover S Lv1 - Huskberry + Herb (90 success)
Recover S Lv2 - Huskberry + Potion (1) (90 success)
Rumblefish - Hot Pepper + Sushifish (75 success)
Screamer - Frog + Flute (75 success)
Sleep S Lv1 - Huskberry + Sleep Herb (90 success)
Sleep S Lv2 - Sm Bone Husk + Sleepyfish (75 success)
Sleeping Thr Knf - Throwing knife + Sleep Herb (90 success)
Sm Barrel Bomb+ - Sm Barrel Bomb (32) + Monster Broth (90 success)
Small Barrel - Sm Monster Bone + Sap Plant (75 success)
Small Barrel Bomb - Small Barrel + Fire Herb (90 success)
Smoke Bomb - Bomb Material (25) + Ivy (75 success)
Sonic Bomb - Gunpowder (31) + Screamer (75 success)
Spicy Mushroom - Hot pepper + Special mushroom (75 success)
Stun S Lv1 - Huskberry + Stunshroom (90 success)
Stun S Lv2 - Sm Bone Husk + Genprey Fang (90 success)
Sushifish - Antidote Herb + Sleepyfish (75 success)
Tainted Meat - Raw Meat + Stunshroom (90 success)
Thunder S - Huskberry + Flashbug (75 success)
Tuna Bait - Worm + Yambug (95 success)
Union Ore x2 - Expand Pickaxe + Union Ore (90 success)
Whetstone - Sm Monster Bone + Disk Stone (90 success) 

Rating 0

Completing "Catching A Rathalos" four star quest

Find a Rathalos and attack its tail to cut it off. Carve from it if desired. Continue hitting him at the head if possible until he limps, but be sure not to kill him. He might go back to Zone 5 to sleep. Go there and either throw a flash bomb to stun the Velociprey or quickly lay a pitfall trap. Waking up Rathalos can be dangerous. If you have a hammer or great sword, kick him in the head then lead him to the trap. Throw the tranquilizer bomb and you should capture the Rathalos. If the quest is not yet complete, hit him a few times, make a new trap, lay it down, lead him there, and throw a tranquilizer bomb.

Rating 0

Revenge Of The Garuga quest glitch

Start the "Revenge Of The Garuga" quest. Take only your weapons, armor, and one Spiderweb. Once the quest is started, go directly to Area 7 (going through Areas 1 and 8). Talk to the little man in Area 7 and he will give you a special mushroom for your Spiderweb. Accept the offer, then just sit and wait until time runs out. It will say that you have completed the quest. The next time you try the quest you will not be able to do this trick. However, if you kill Garuga, who only has one third of his normal life because of the glitch, you can do the glitch again. Afterwards you must kill him and repeat the process again to get Garuga armor, weapons, and lots of money.

Rating 0

Quick armor

Complete the first five Level 1 quests. You will then see a quest called "Your First Hunt", which involves killing three Velocoprey. Do it to get hides and items. Then, mine and do the quest and mine quest. Make Veloceprey armor from the ore and Veloceprey item. Note - You need to do the quest "Present For The Armor" twice to get Kelbi Hide for the armor.

Rating 0

Getting Monster Bone+

Complete "Attack Of The Kut-Ku", a four star quest at the guild. Once you complete it, you might get an item called Small Kut-Ku Ear. Sell everything from the Kut-Ku except the ear and start a gathering quest at the guild in the forest and hills. Go directly to Area 7 and find the short bald man. He will trade the Small Kut-Ku Ear for a Monster Bone+. You can trade three times. A second, but more annoying way to get it is to take "The Storm Of Yian Kut-Ku" quest at the guild. It is also a four star quest. Kill at least ten and you should get six Monster Bone+s.