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Mytran Wars Cheats "Secret Objectives" (Sony PSP)


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Secret Objectives

In the following mission, complete the corresponding tasks:

Chapter 1 Mission 1 - Involve Loki in the fight by getting next to her with both characters and interacting.
Chapter 1 Mission 2 - Kill all enemies.
Chapter 1 Mission 3 - Destroy all the Mytrans attacking the cities.
Chapter 1 Mission 4 - Capture the temple before the end of round 10.
Chapter 1 Mission 5 - Find the secret technology on a small remote island, northwest on the map.
Chapter 1 Mission 6 - Unlock the secret mission by moving a unit to a strange-looking item at the new part of the map.
Chapter 1 Mission 6S - Get the secret technology hidden in the middle of the northwestern-most cell.
Chapter 1 Mission 7 - Hover over the chasm with one unit before the exit point
Chapter 2 Mission 8 - Capture the armory and the research center to gather information.
Chapter 2 Mission 9 - Do not let Nunzio escape.
Chapter 2 Mission 9S - Capture every building in the human base.
Chapter 2 Mission 10 - Get full immunity against the insect located southwest on the map.
Chapter 2 Mission 11 - Do not let anyone die in your army.
Chapter 2 Mission 12 - Occupy both temples.
Chapter 2 Mission 13 - Defeat Jama without killing other enemy units.
Chapter 2 Mission 14 - Defeat a human unit with the turrets.
Chapter 3 Mission 15 - Neutralize the defense system by destroying the two power plants.
Chapter 3 Mission 16 - Save at least one person from the group facing the Kondor forces by saving the Buggies next to the first two enemy Destroyers after crossing the bridge.
Chapter 3 Mission 16S - Find Bakunin's lost supplies in the middle area, and return to him.
Chapter 3 Mission 17 - Defeat Agni without any casualties.
Chapter 3 Mission 18 - Meet the mysterious Jon Remedy at the end of the southeast path, near the prang.
Chapter 3 Mission 19 - After freeing the scientist, interact with the secret exit to the west to open it, then use it to leave.
Chapter 3 Mission 20 - Finish the mission in 25 turns.
Chapter 3 Mission 21 - Destroy the radar unit; Intruder seen after defeating first batch of enemies, kill the scout.
Chapter 4 Mission 22 - do not kill any humans when using Eli or Rachel.
Chapter 4 Mission 23 - Protect all allied units.
Chapter 4 Mission 24 - Capture all radar stations.
Chapter 4 Mission 25 - Get access to the engine room by entering the small room under Loki for Green Card.
Chapter 4 Mission 25S - Finish the mission without killing a hostile unit.
Chapter 4 Mission 26 - Destroy only two of the door controllers. 

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