Naruto Shippuden: Legends - Akatsuki Rising Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 3

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Deidara - Complete Scenario mode.
Gaara - Complete Scenario mode.
Hoshigaki Kisame - Complete Scenario Mode.
Kankuro - Complete Scenario mode.
Sai - Complete the "Putting Naruto To The Test" D-Rank mission and "Social Training Members" B-Rank mission.
Sasori (Hiruko) - Complete Scenario mode.
Sasori (Third Kazekage) - Complete Scenario mode.
Sasuke Uchiha (Shippuden - TS) - Complete Akatsuki mode with Itachi.
Temari - Complete Scenario mode.
Uchiha Itachi - Complete Scenario mode.

Rating 3

Change item potential

At the Shop menu, combine scrolls to increase or decrease the potential of an item. You will then be able to equip the item.

Rating 3

Akatsuki mode

Complete Scenario mode to unlock Akatsuki mode.

Rating 2

Quick Release Jutsu

To use a Jutsu, hold R and press X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, or CIRCLE. To perform a Quick Release Jutsu, tap R. You will execute the Jutsu that was last used without having to hold R.

Rating 2

Unlockable Scenario Mode Stars

Unlock a gold star in the following chapters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Chapter 1 - Complete the chapter after defeating all enemies.
Chapter 2 - Complete the chapter without taking any damage.
Chapter 3 - Complete the chapter after breaking all lanterns.
Chapter 4 - Complete the chapter without using Ninjutsu.
Chapter 5 - Complete the chapter without any scrolls equipped.
Chapter 6 - Complete the chapter without using healing items.
Chapter 7 - Complete the chapter in under ten minutes.
Chapter 8 - Complete the chapter without using attack items.
Chapter 9 - Complete the chapter after defeating 50 enemies.
Chapter 10 - Complete the chapter after defeating five enemies.

Rating 2

Changing items

To change items during a mission, hold TRIANGLE to open the list of items you have equipped. Use the D-pad to choose the desired item you want to use for the shortcut. The red side is for weapons, and the green side is for usable items such as potions, antidote, etc.