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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 Cheats "Character recommendations" (Sony PSP)


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Character recommendations

During certain missions you are allowed to select which character you wish to use to complete them. The following are some characters that are useful for certain missions due to special abilities or characteristics:

-Use Asuma when you must reach the end of a stage within an allotted time. He is quick when running and also jumps very high. As a bonus, he also has a slight glitch which allows him to "teleport" across the map. To do this with Asuma, press in the direction you want to travel on the D-pad and tap Square. Do not hold it down to complete his attack; just tap it. He will quickly glide a few feet. When practiced enough you can quickly move through the stage.

-Use Kisame when you need to break objects on a map with a straight or flat stage. His Samehada attack can easily break through an entire line of crates in one hit. However, he is slow and his jump is not good. If you are on a map where you need to jump around a lot, use Asuma instead because he is very agile and his attacks are quick.

-When you need to get a certain hit combo, use Kisame for 20-hit combos. He does about 20 hits with one Samehada attack and is also a great fighter to use in battle. For 30-hit combos, use either Hidan or Hiraku. Hidan is trickier because you must chain his regular attacks with Giant Sickle Frenzy to do 30 hits or more. However, if you master that technique it will be much easier because he is a great fighter as well, and you can win easily with him. Hiraku is slow and not very strong, but if you use his Needle Barrage attack you can get 50 hits or more at once, with no skill involved. After that, however, it is very difficult to win because he is not a great fighter. It is much easier if you have a friend help you for these missions; with one player uses Hiraku to get the hit combo and then both players help win the battle. 

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