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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 Cheats "Cheat Codes" (Sony PSP)


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Cheat Codes

Unlock the following bonuses by entering the corresponding bonuses:

Gods And Angels - Fire, Sheep, Ox, Tiger
Team Asuma - Fire, Dog, Rabbit, Tiger
The Hokage's Office - Wind, Rabbit, Dragon, Ox
Team Kurenai - Lightning, Snake, Dragon, Monkey
One Who Lurks in Darkness - Lightning, Dog, Tiger, Boar
Rivals - Earth, Sheep, Boar, Dog
The Three Sand Siblings - Earth, Rooster, Ox, Snake
The Innocent Maiden - Water, Snake, Dragon, Ox
Team Guy - Water, Dog, Rat, Rooster
Inheritor Of The Will - Water, Dog, Snake, Ox

100m Punch - Lightning, Rat, Snake, Horse
Assault Blade - Wind, Rat, Rabbit, Ox
Bring Down the House Jutsu - Lightning, Sheep, Ox, Rooster
Cherry Blossom Clash - Fire, Monkey, Boar, Rabbit
Dead Soul Jutsu - Lightning, Monkey, Dog, Ox
Detonation Dispersion - Wind, Dragon, Horse, Rat
Dynamic Entry - Fire, Rooster, Rabbit, Boar
Feather Illusion Jutsu - Water, Dragon, Boar, Dog
Fire Style: Burning Ash - Fire, Rat, Rabbit, Monkey
Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb - Fire, Snake, Dragon, Rabbit
Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu - Fire, Dragon, Rat, Monkey
Fire Style: Yoruho'o - Fire, Horse, Rabbit, Sheep
Genjutsu: Haze - Wind, Dragon, Sheep, Rooster
Genjutsu: Madder Mist - Lightning, Rooster, Boar, Dog
Heaven Defending Kick - Earth, Rat, Boar, Monkey
Intensive Healing - Water, Rat, Tiger, Rat
Leaf Repeating Wind - Wind, Rooster, Ox, Tiger
Lightning Blade - Lightning, Monkey, Rooster, Snake
Lightning Style: Lightning Bolt Flash - Lightning, Sheep, Ox, Dog
Slithering Snakes - Lightning, Tiger, Rooster, Dog
Summoning: Rashomon - Earth, Monkey, Boar, Rooster
Tunneling Fang - Wind, Dog, Boar, Horse
Water Style: Ripping Torrent - Water, Ox, Dog, Sheep
Water Style: Water Fang Bomb - Water, Horse, Rat, Ox
Wind Style: Air Bullets - Wind, Ox, Boar, Rabbit
Weapon: Flash Kunai Ball - Fire, Sheep, Boar, Ox
Hokage Naruto Wallpaper - Fire, Ox, Rabbit, Horse

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