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NBA 2K11 Cheats "Jordan Challenge hints" (Sony PSP)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360  |  PC  |  Wii


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Jordan Challenge hints

-For The Arrival, don't play defense. Instead, maximize offense time. Since you don't have to win, switch to man-to-man defense and control the player guarding the ball handler. Simply move away from the player to get him to shoot as soon as possible.

-If you need more time to score points, try fouling players while on defense to get the ball back.

-For The Shootout, after completing the required number of assists, minimize the Hawks offense time by holding on to the ball as long as you can.

-Find all the teams you're going to play against and lower their stats while increasing your own(especially helpful on 'The Shrug'). Since the shoe rewards are random, this just speeds up the process of earning them.

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