NBA Live 07 Sony PSP Cheats

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Recommended players

Trade players to get the following team, then play Dynasty mode and simulate. You will always be first or second place.

Center - Amare Stoudamire
Power Forward - Dirk Nowitzski
Small Forward - Lebron James
Shooting Guard - Tracy McGrady
Point Guard - Steve Nash

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Incorrect spelling

When loading the 2 Ball mini-game, a loading screen with information will appear. On the third point, it tells you how to bump the opponent's basketball. On the second basketball in the point, they spell "basketball" as "basektball". You can see the same misspelling by going to "NBA Live FAQ", then "General", then "2 Ball". The same screen will appear.

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Unlock all videos

On the 2 ball, play against Melvin Sanders (San Antonio Spurs) Overall: 48, and play as Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers) Overall: 97. Win at every level to unlock all videos.