NCAA Football 07 Sony PSP Cheats

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Easy sacks

To get lots of sacks in Dynasty mode, turn off offsides. During a game, take one of your linebackers, go to the weak side of the formation, and sprint. Sprint before they hike the ball. As soon as they hike the ball, you will already be in the backfield. By doing this it is possible to get at least fifteen sacks per game with only two players. This also works with punts and field goals.

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Unlock Reggie Bush

To unlock Reggie Bush, complete Dynasty mode.

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Unlockable Videos

Unlock the following videos by performing the corresponding tasks:

Video 2 - Successfully jump the snap.
Video 3 - Throw a 30-yard touchdown pass.
Video 4 - Pick off a pass with your defense.
Video 5 - Tackle an opponent with a Big Hit on defense.
Video 6 - Sack the opposing QB three times in one game.
Video 7 - Successfully bail out of a kick.