Patapon 2 Sony PSP Cheats

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Unlockable Mini-games

Some of the Bosses, such as Manaboroth, will give you a mini-game when you defeat them on level 3. Some bosses will also give you eggs on level 5. Unlock the following mini-games by performing the corresponding tasks:

Fah Zakpon (Farming) mini-game - Complete Centura level 3.
Kon Kimpon (Mountain) mini-game - Complete Nanjaro Hill Training Course level 1 (only 1 cannon appears).
Pan the Pakapon (Tree) mini-game - Complete Juju Jungle Training Course.
Rah Gashapon (Cooking) mini-game - Complete Phoeniti/Fennichi level 3.
Shuraba Yapon (Dancing) mini-game - Complete The Sky Castle where a God Lives (where you 1st see Dark Hero).
Ton Kampon (Blacksmith) mini-game - Complete Manboroth level 3.
Tsun Tunpon and Tsuku Tsukupon (Alchemy) mini-game - Complete Manboth level 3.