Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 2

Badass Overlord Zetta

Complete Omninomicon on Hermuda Island to unlock Badass Overlord Zetta at level 1. Replaying the stage will not have the staffs and have level 2000+ Monsters. Note: Recommended Level: 1500+

Rating 0

Hero Prinny

Complete Red Scarfed on the Hermuda Island fopr Hero Prinny. When playing this stage again.The Prinny's Weapons are on the floor and there are 7 Enemies to fight. Note: Recommended Level: 250+

Rating 0

Unlock Unlosing Ranger

Complete "Hero Training" on the Hermuda Triangle after clearing the original story to unlock the Unlosing Ranger.

Rating 0

Unlock the Hermuda Triangle

Complete the original story 's final boss to unlock the Hermuda Triangle. Note: You can't get this island in Another Marona's Story. Level 500+ is required to clear the whole island because the enemies levels will increase significantly after clearing each stage.

Rating 0

Castile from the Future

Complete Future Friend on Hermuda Island to unlock Castile from the Future. Playing the Stage again will not spawn her snow katana with great stats. Note: Recommended level: 500+

Rating 0


Complete the stage on the Hermuda Island for Asagi. Playing the stage again for the first time will have the original weapons that Zephy Wings dropped. Afterward, only the other Weapons Asagi and her crew will be on the ground. Note: Recommended Level:350+