Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons during gameplay:

All Treasure levels - CIRCLE(3), TRIANGLE(3), X(2)
Invincibility - TRIANGLE, CIRCLE(2), TRIANGLE(2), SQUARE, X(2).
One-shot kill - TRIANGLE, CIRCLE(2), TRIANGLE(2), SQUARE(3).
Infinite Power moves - TRIANGLE(3), SQUARE(2), X, CIRCLE(2).
Kraken Battle - CIRCLE(3), TRIANGLE(3), SQUARE(2)

Rating 3

All character statue locations

-To get the Mortician statue, go to the Prison Cliffs and cross the first broken bridge. Go down where it had broken and get the golden trophy.
-To get Lord Beckett's statue, go to the last part in Port Royal where you find a switch in one area to get to the next. The trophy is behind it.
-To get the one on the Cannibal's Island, go to where the water spot is found.
-To get the one at the swamp, enter the town area after completing the river section. When you are heading to the crocodile, it should just be in a small square area.
-The one in Tortuga is after you go down the wooden staircase.
-The one in El Cruces is where you see Norrington running, at the far right of the area.

Rating 1

Alligator strategy

To easily defeat the alligator, use the Clap Of Thunder.

Rating 0

Green swamp monster strategy

Repeatedly throw bombs at him until he splits into two. Then, attack them until he turns into the big invincible form. Repeat to win.

Rating 0

Kraken strategy

An easy way to defeat the Kraken is by pushing the cargo net with the boxes in it over the Kraken up the stairs. Cut the tentacles that are on the two masts. When both tentacles have let go, the Kraken's mouth will come up. Take the guns and shoot one of the barrels. The Kraken will then go back into the water. Repeat this process again. After you've done that twice, take a torch and use it on a cannon while the Kraken's mouth is up. Do the cannon again when the Kraken is up and then you have won.