Rengoku: Tower Of Purgatory Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 2

Alternate ending sequence

Complete the game twice to view an ending sequence that features a bonus FMV sequence.

Rating 2

Beginner's respawn glitch

In the first room where you receive your first weapons, you may opt to retrieve and trade them for an elixir. However, the game will not continue unless you have weapons, so they will reappear. Continue to trade those respawning weapons for elixirs until you tire of the exercise.

Rating 1

Infinite power-up

At the beginning the game when you are in the room where you first get a weapon and learn how to turn items into Elixir, turn both weapons that you get into Elixir. Because the programmers did not want you to have to start without a weapon, both weapons will re-appear. Collect both weapons again, then turn both of them into Elixir again. Repeat the process as much as desired. Because Elixirs are used to power-up you can make your character as powerful as desired immediately at the start of the game.

Rating 1

Extra elixir

Start a game, then go to the red glowing circle and press X. It will teleport you to a room with two weapons spinning on the floor. Pick these weapons up and press X to open the customizer. Once inside, move to "Equip". Press X(2) and you should see one of the weapons become highlighted. Press TRIANGLE on the weapon and select "Return to elixir". This gives you more elixir to customize your body. Exit this screen and the weapons will reappear on the floor beside you. Repeat as desired.

Rating 1

Retain items when you die

When you die, press Home and quit the game. Reload the same file and you will have the items; however, you will be as far back as you were when you saved.

Rating 0

Unlockable Pictures

Unlock the following pictures in the gallery by performing the corresponding tasks:

A.D.A.M - Save the game once.
Deucalion-A - Complete the game twice.
Deucalion-B - Complete the game twice.
Gryphus - Defeat Gryphus in the level 8 Boss fight in the Tower.
Lycaon - Defeat Lycaon in the Tower.
Mars - Defeat Mars in the Tower.
Statius - Defeat Statius in the level 7 Boss fight in the Tower.
Type01 - Save the game once.
Alkmaion - Defeat Alkmaion in the level 6 Boss fight in the Tower.
Briareos - Defeat Briareos in the level 4 Boss fight in the Tower.
Minos - Defeat Minos in the level 3 Boss fight in the Tower.
Sphinx - Defeat Sphinx in the level 5 Boss fight in the Tower.