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Sega Genesis Collection Cheats "Vectorman 2" (Sony PSP)


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Vectorman 2

Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by pausing the game and pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons:

Level select - Up, Right, Square, X, Square, Down, Left, Square, Down.
Full health - X, Square, X, Square, Left, Up(2).
Transform - Circle, Square, Left(2), Down, Square, Down repeatedly until the sound of the orb weapon stops. Press Start to resume the game as a Fire Ant. Repeat this code to transform into a Shield Bug. Note: Playing the bonus rounds as a Shield Bug will result in invincibility.
Extra life - Right, Up, X, Square, Down, Up, X, Down, Up, X.
Display map coordinates - X, Square, Left(2), or X, Square, Left, Down, or Left, Up, Square, Up.

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