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Sega Genesis Collection Cheats "Vectorman" (Sony PSP)


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Cheat mode:
To unlock an options screen with level, health, lives, and power-up weapon settings, at the Vectorman options menu, press Square, X(2), Square, Down, Square, X(2), Square. Note: The good ending cannot be achieved if cheats are enabled.

Level warp:
Move Vectorman below the Sega logo screen and shoot it 24 times. Jump and hit the logo with Vectorman's head 12 times. The phrase "Get Ready" will appear, then each letter in "Sega" will begin to fall. Collect 90 to 109 letters to warp to level 5. Catch 110 or more to warp to level 10.

Full health:
To restore your health, pause the game and press Square, X, Right, Square, Circle, Square, Down, Square, X, Right, Square.

Free movement:
Pause the game and press Circle, Square, Left(2), Square, Circle, Square, X. Vectorman will transform into a cursor that can be moved to any location in the level. Opponents, except for Bosses, are eliminated if they are touched by the cursor. To disable the code, enter it a second time. Note: Enable this code when Vectorman is a bomb for invisibility and invincibility for the remainder of the level.

Slow motion:
To cause the game to slow down when Vectorman is hit, pause the game and press Down, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Left, Square. To disable the code, enter it a second time.

Level bonuses:
Get bonus points by beating a level without shooting any targets. Get a photon bonus by beating a level without using photons.

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