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Sega Genesis Collection Cheats "Virtua Fighter 2" (Sony PSP)


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Virtua Fighter 2

Note: Buttons are in Genesis format.

Hidden options:
Enter the options screen, highlight the "Exit" selection, then tap Left until the hidden options are displayed.

Play as Dural:
To play as Dural, at the character selection screen, hold Left until the countdown reaches "One". Dural will appear as a selection.

No damage:
While highlighting player one's life selection at the options screen, hold B until the message "No Damage" appears. Then, press Start.

Extended character selection time:
At the character selection screen, press Down, Up, Right, A + Left for 99 seconds of time.

Alternate costumes:
At the character selection screen, press Down + A, Up + A, Down + C, or Up + C.

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