SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 5

Tea And Cupcakes Mode

Unlocking this mode might require the completion of each different custom mission. Also, rank played may be a determining factor. This involves mission 1 through 8 with all three modes (Demolition, Neutralize, and Disable). You can complete the resulting mission offline or shared with friends that yield 5000CE per play through. It is located in "Custom Missions" as Mission 9 (M9). Remember that the enemies here are tough, and only veterans should tryt to charge "Rambo" style. Also, after completion "Maid" becomes an enemy type for custom missions and you get "Ms. Blue" (and other colors) with "Mr. Red" (the sniping butler/server) available as special characters in Competitive mode while playing as a Merc. There are ten cupcakes you must retrieve to complete the mission:

Cupcake 1 - You will walk past it. Down the stairs in the building, turn hard right. There is a shelf against the wall.
Cupcake 2 - The first corridor after the first cupcake. Go left at the split. The cupcake is sitting on a control panel.
Cupcake 3 - Through the doorway. Take it off the table.
Cupcake 4 - Before going outside through the reinforced door, go upstairs. It is on the left of the table in the room.
Cupcake 5 - When outside, look at the far right corner. There is a tree in a square concrete planter. It is on the approaching side.
Cupcake 6 - After taking the stairs and tunnel, you will reach a grassy area. Go to where the snipers are on the high path. It is on a rock in a small clearing in the middle.
Cupcake 7 - The fountain in the picture is on the right side as you approach, and the cupcake is on the back side.
Cupcake 8 - It may be difficult to find at first. Go to the dumpster directly ahead from the stairs. With the cars on your right you will see a broken crate looking object. It is on that object.
Cupcake 9 - The piano on the bottom floor of the mansion building.
Cupcake 10 - The top floor taking the stairs that lead right to a door. It is on a desk all the way in the back of the room on the left wall.

Rating 2

Easier melee and actions

Holding SQUARE will reload your gun. However, it also will let you perform the first special action that appears. Performing it also stops the reload and thus allows you to strike a melee punch or revive a fallen comrade the moment you reach it. It will only do one action per press, so another melee strike will require another press.

Rating 1

Faster explosions hint

The detonator that comes with your equip able C4 has inf uses while you still have the explosive in your inventory. It detonates all C4 charges set by you on the map. This includes the timer charges you set by pressing SQUARE, but doesn't include those set by the team other than your character. This is useful for shortening the fuse to almost nothing, helping you catch helpless enemies in the explosion or end the game mode before dying.

Rating 0

Stealth hint

Disable and Demolition missions are easier if you can manage to keep the enemies in the dark. It is tough enough to maintain a low profile without your demolition targets blowing up and alerting everyone around. Use the following trick to play solo easily through these two modes.

Disable Mode
Taking Claymores for one equipment slot yields three placeable mines you can use. Place one at each objective as you proceed. With the finalone, blow up all your mines with the detonator. One mine is enough for these and saves you the time of holding SQUARE while he clips wires.

Demolition Mode
You need C4 for each objective. Every map has three targets marked for demolition. You only get one placeable C4 per equipment slot. Place a C4 near the truck and proceed. On truck #3, hit the detonator to win. If you use the "Extra Ammo" equipment item, just use two C4 and plant the last one as usual. Note - Mission 3 (M3) has the chemical barrels that still need to be planted by using SQUARE, and they are impervious to rockets and grenades.