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Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny Cheats "Unlockable Equipment" (Sony PSP)


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Unlockable Equipment

Unlock the following equipment by performing the corresponding tasks:

Animal set - Complete the Gauntlet.
Bandanna - Get 50 titles.
Bunny set - Get 200 wins.
Deer head - Complete The Gauntlet.
Eye patch - Get 50 titles.
Gorgon - Get all titles and honors.
Griffin - Complete The Gauntlet.
Japanese eye patch (female) - Get 50 titles.
Joke weapons - Complete Trial Of Attack or Trial Of Defense mode to unlock a specific bonus weapon for that fighting style.
Kittymeow head - Complete The Gauntlet.
Komusou - Get 50 titles.
Minotaur - Complete The Gauntlet.
New Creation mode equipment - You will unlock a new set of equipment for every five honors earned.
Prayer beads - Get 50 titles.
Siegfried's Broken Destiny weapon - Complete The Gauntlet.
Tengu mask - Get 50 titles.
Tiger Lily armor - Get 50 titles.
Werewolf - Complete The Gauntlet.

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