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Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny Cheats "Unlockable Honors" (Sony PSP)


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Unlockable Honors

Unlock the following honors at the "Records" menu by performing the corresponding tasks:

Aloof Marionette - Beat missions in The Gauntlet using all styles.
Black Sword Valor - Execute a combination of 30 Side Dash Counters and Back Dash Counters.
Bouncing Belle - Defeat 100 female characters.
Boundless Spirit - Guard 10 times in a single match.
Brave Warrior - Win 100 times in Quick Match mode.
Broken Destiny - Unlock all honors aside from this one.
Chosen Child - Execute a Just Impact.
Cliffside Hero - Execute three Ringouts in a single match.
Cloud Craftsman - Use all free slots in Creation mode.
Commander Of Life - Fight and win against all styles.
Daybreak - Beat all missions through Chapter 3 in The Gauntlet.
Demon Victor - Execute five Critical Finishes.
Elation Of Chance - Execute a Throw Escape.
End Of Tests - View Chapter 34 - "Finale" in The Gauntlet.
Expert Dancer - Execute a 7+ combo.
Fearful Hero - Beat Trial Of Defense mode with more than 2,400,000 points.
Fierce Blade - Execute five Side Dash Counters and Back Dash Counters in a single match.
First Gate - Play The Gauntlet.
Flower Among Weeds - Use all frame decorations for thumbnail photographs in Creation mode.
Glorious Victory - Win 10 times in Versus mode.
Greedy Fool - Achieve Score Magnification x1000% in Trials mode.
Heaven's Favor - Execute 25 Throw Escapes.
Hidden Fierceness - Execute a Throw.
Howling General - Obtain 100 titles in Quick Match mode.
Innocent Artist - Create a character with no equipment.
Iron Soldier - Hit an opponent into the wall five times.
King Of The Arena - Win 20 consecutive times in Quick Match mode.
King Of The Void - Defeat 20 opponents in Endless Trial mode.
Light - Beat all missions through Chapter 30 in The Gauntlet.
Loser's Lament - Win with a Ring Out.
Lurking Demon - Attempt 100 missions in The Gauntlet.
Messenger to Hell - Win with 40 Ring Outs.
Nightmare - Beat all missions through Chapter 15 in The Gauntlet.
Painted Illusion - Take a photo using frame decorations and backgrounds for thumbnail photographs in Creation mode.
Passionate Artist - Take five photos during one sessions in Creation mode's thumbnail photograph.
Peek Of Idiocy - End in a Double K.O.!
Radiant Skyscraper - Get all weapons for each style.
Ranging Dash - Beat Trial Of Attack mode with more than 1,600,000 points.
Rebel Beacon - Execute a Guaranteed Hit.
Rebel Disciple - Execute 30 Guaranteed Hits.
Skillful Warrior - Recover from a Recoverable Stun 10 times.
Small Victory - Win once in Versus mode.
Stirring Youth - Defeat 100 male characters.
Strong Savage - Hit opponents into the wall 50 times.
Test Pursuer - Reach the highest rank possible in any mission (easiest is 1-1).
Traveling Fighter - Run 1km with 8-Way Run.
Unending Strife - Defeat 765 opponents.
Waking Art - Create your first original character in Creation mode.
Wandering King - Run 10km with 8-War Run.
Wandering Tracks - Select all modes except "Records" and "Options".

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