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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Cheats "Boarding enemy vessels as a Space Hero" (Sony PSP)


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Boarding enemy vessels as a Space Hero

You can board enemy capital ships and space stations with a Space Hero. You will not have the option to auto land your ship. When you land, you will have control over your character as if it is a regular ground fighting mission. Your space ship will not disappear, and no one except yourself can use it. The best person to use is Darth Vader. Land your Tie Advanced in front of the enemy land ship. It does not have enough room to get past the Tie Advanced when CPU-controlled and will slowly die from hitting the Tie Advanced. However, it will not do damage to the Tie Advanced. When you are in the enemy's hanger as Darth Vader, attack the enemy fighters by throwing your Sith Saber. It will do more damage than just swinging it. If you throw it at point blank range at a fighter (including the LAAT/I), you will destroy it most of the time. It works even better if you wait for the enemy to get inside the ship before you destroy it. The second best choice is Boba or Jango Fett. It is difficult to land the Slave 1 inside the enemy carrier because of its size. If you plan to board it before you become a Hero, take out the turrets guarding the hanger and another turret with a Tie Interceptor. This is done so that you can concentrate on keeping your ship level and going slow. Rushing in can cause your ship to be destroyed. Boba or Jango's wrist rockets work well against the enemies ships. Boba is better at taking out the ships because of his remote detonator. Jango has an easier time with the pilots and marines with his dual blaster pistols. The third best Hero is Han Solo. You will need to destroy the turrets around the hanger before switching to him. The Millennium Falcon is a difficult ship to land. You must be very careful. If you touch the side of walls with it you will die. If you make it inside, use your pistol to kill people and the wielding torch to get slicer points on the enemy ships. The worst Hero to use is Obi Wan. He cannot damage the enemy fighters by throwing his lightsaber, but his ship is the easiest to land.

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