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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Cheats "Infinite time with Space Hero" (Sony PSP)


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Infinite time with Space Hero

When you are in space, become a Space Hero that has a lightsaber (for example, Obi Wan or Darth Vader). Land your hero's ship inside an enemy's ship. When you are in the ship, your timer decreases, but when you exit the hero's ship your timer is back where it started. While you are inside the enemy hangar, kill as many of their pilots and ships as possible. This will decrease the number of reinforcements. When your hero's timer is almost at the end, quickly go back into your ship. This will bring the timer back up to what it was when you landed your ship. Exit the ship again. Your timer should be almost full again. Keep doing this as many times as desired, and you will eventually will have totally depleted the enemy's reinforcement count. Note - It is best to land your ship on the enemy hangar as soon as you become the hero to maximize the amount of time you have remaining.

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