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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Cheats "Recommended Space Heroes" (Sony PSP)


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Recommended Space Heroes

Out of all the Space Heroes that can be used, Darth Vader is the best. He has a powerful twin laser cannon that does a large amount of damage, has good recharge time, has great targeting capabilities, and when paired with a proton torpedo launcher that launches both tubes simultaneously makes for an excellent fighter. The second best space Hero is Han Solo. He has similar abilities to Darth Vader, but his ship is a very large target. It is very difficult to miss the Millennium Falcon even from medium range. The third best Space Hero is a tie between Boba Fett and Jango Fett. Their ships have great fire power, but poor targeting capabilities with their laser cannons. It is better to use Slave 1 for attacking the enemy carrier ship's vital areas than to battle the fighters. Try to ignore the turrets. They will easily destroy the Slave 1. Its own laser cannons also have a difficult time hitting small targets. The worst Space Hero is Obi Wan. You are better off using the regular Republic Interceptor over Obi Wan's Jedi interceptor. Obi Wans shoots faster and burns out faster. You will slowly die over time if you cannot find enemies to attack.

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