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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats "Cheat Codes" (Sony PSP)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360  |  Wii  |  NDS


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Cheat Codes

After completing the first mission, pause the game, and select the "Input Code" option. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Alternately, successfully complete the first mission. After gaining access to the Rogue Shadow, you will have the ability enable cheat codes. While on board your ship between missions, select "Extras", then the "Enter Code" option. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling a costume code may prevent some intermissions sequences from being viewed. The game cannot be saved when non-costume codes are enabled. To bypass this, reach a checkpoint in a new area after enabling the code(s), then intentionally die, exit to the main menu, and select "Continue". You can now manually save your game with the code(s) still in effect.

Invincibility - "CORTOSIS"
Infinite Force - "VERGENCE"
1,000,000 Force points - "SPEEDER"
All Force powers - "TYRANUS"
Maximum Force power level - "KATARN"
Maximum combo level - "COUNTDOOKU"
Amplified lightsaber damage - "LIGHTSABER"
All costumes - "GRANDMOFF"
Jedi Adventure robe - "HOLOCRON"
Jedi Ceremonial robe - "DANTOOINE"
Kento's robe - "WOOKIEE"
Sith Stalker armor - "KORRIBAN"
Play as 501st Legion - "LEGION"
Play as Aayla Secura - "AAYLA"
Play as Admiral Ackbar - "ITSATWAP"
Play as Anakin Skywalker - "CHOSENONE"
Play as Asajj Ventress - "ACOLYTE"
Play as Chop'aa Notimo - "NOTIMO"
Play as Classic stormtrooper - "TK421"
Play as Count Dooku - "SERENNO"
Play as Darth Desolous - "PAUAN"
Play as Darth Maul - "ZABRAK"
Play as Darth Phobos - "HIDDENFEAR"
Play as Darth Vader - "SITHLORD"
Play as Drexl Roosh - "DREXLROOSH"
Play as Emperor Palpatine - "PALPATINE"
Play as General Rahm Kota - "MANDALORE"
Play as Han Solo - "NERFHERDER"
Play as Heavy trooper - "SHOCKTROOP"
Play as Juno Eclipse - "ECLIPSE"
Play as Kleef - "KLEEF"
Play as Lando Calrissian - "SCOUNDREL"
Play as Luke Skywalker - "T16WOMPRAT"
Play as Luke Skywalker (Yavin) - "YELLOWJCKT"
Play as Mace Windu - "JEDIMASTER"
Play as Mara Jade - "MARAJADE"
Play as Maris Brook - "MARISBROOD"
Play as Navy commando - "STORMTROOP"
Play as Obi Wan Kenobi - "BENKENOBI"
Play as Proxy - "HOLOGRAM"
Play as Qui Gon Jinn - "MAVERICK"
Play as Shaak Ti - "TOGRUTA"
Play as Shadow trooper - "INTHEDARK"
Play as Twi'lek - "SECURA"

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