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Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Asbel (TOG comical) - Complete Cheria's story (after Rid's story).
Chester (TOP comical) and Yuri (TOV serious) - Complete Cless's story.
Duke (boss) - Complete a tournament in Hard mode without retrying.
Elraine (boss) - Complete all 30 stories.
Farah (TOE comical) and Cheria (TOG serious) - Complete Rid's story (after Chloe's story).
Flynn (TOV comical) and Emil (TOSR serious) - Complete Yuri's story (after Cless's story).
Kohak (TOH comical) - Complete Shing's story (after Spada's story).
Leon (TOD comical) and Guy (TOA serious) - Complete Stan's story.
Luca (TOI comical) and Shing (TOH serious ) - Complete Spada's story (after Jude's story).
Luke (TOA comical) and Kyle (TOD2 serious) - Complete Guy's story (after Stan's story).
Marta (TOSR comical) - Complete Emil's story (after Yuri's story).
Milla (TOX comical) and Spada (TOI serious) - Complete Jude's story.
Reala (TOD2 comical) - Complete Kyle's story (after Guy's story).
Rubia (TOT comical) - Complete Caius's story (after Lolyd's story).
Schwartz (boss) - Complete all Free mode challenges with "Gold" medals.
Senel (TOL comical) and Rid (TOE serious) - Complete Chloe's story.
Tytree (TOR comical) and Lolyd (TOS serious) - Complete Veigue's story.
Zelos (TOS comical) and Caius (TOT serious) - Complete Lloyd's story (after Veigue's story).

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