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Tales Of The World: Radiant Mythology 2 Cheats "Advance Classes" (Sony PSP)


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Advance Classes

Have the following advanced classes appear in the "Class Changing" option when you talk to Chat by leveling up the corresponding classes and paying the indicated amount of grade points:

Bishop - Cleric and Wizard level 30, 500 gp
Dual Fencer - Fencer level 15, 200 gp
Large Fencer - Warrior level 15, 200 gp
Magic Fencer - Warrior, Fencer and Wizard level 30, 500 gp
Monk - Cleric and Grappler level 15, 200 gp
Ninja - Fencer, Grappler and Hunter level 30, 500 gp
Paladin - Warrior, Cleric and Large Fencer level 30, 500 gp
Pirate - Thief and Hunter level 15, 200 gp

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