Tales Of The World: Radiant Mythology Sony PSP Cheats

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Unlockable Special Titles

Unlock the following titles by performing the corresponding tasks. To gain the effect of that title, press Triangle at the "Status" menu and equip it:

Ad Libitum - Complete Mission 2, "Find Lloyd".
Battle Master - Complete all the "Tales of" series Boss Character Challenge quests. This title raises TP during normal movement.
Bearer of Love - Complete the Special Mission "Wedding Road - Happily Ever After (End)". This title can give a random quest upon each access in the Guild.
Berserk - Get all of the R-Warrior's parts. This title raises the OverLimit Charge rate.
Blacksmith - Get your Forging skill level to at least 100. This title increases the forging creation success rate.
Grand Chief - Get your Cooking skill level to at least 100. This title increases the cooking creation success rate.
Grappler - Get all of the R-Grappler's parts. This title increases physical attack damage.
Herb Pundit - Complete all Herb Search missions from Ailly. This title increases the item chance when searching herbal points.
High Priest (Reduces Casting Time) - Get all of the R-Healer's parts.
Lawman - Get all of the R-Sage's parts. This title decreases TP consumption.
Magic User - Get all of the R-Mage's parts. This title increases magic attack damage.
Master Craftsman - Get your Tool Creation skill level to at least 100. This title increases tool creation success rate.
Master Hunter - Get all of the R-Hunter's parts. This title increases critical hit rate.
Master Thief - Get all of the R-Thief's parts. This title increases the item chance when opening treasure chests.
Monster Pundit - Scan every enemy in the game. This title lowers enemy encounter rate.
Paladin - Get all of the R-Paladin's parts. This title allows you to sometimes be immune to staggering.
Royal Guard - Get all of the R-Fencer's parts. This title recovers HP during normal movement.
Shinobi - Get all of the R-Ninja's parts. This title automatically allows to automatically cure abnormal status sometimes.
Town Savior - Defeat Ganzer. This title raises the OverLimit Charge rate.
World Savior - Defeat Widdershin, and Complete the game. This title increases the amount of experience points gained.

Rating 2

Magic Knight Invitation

Once you reach level 40, check with Raine in the Ailily guild until you find a quest from Kratos requesting you to battle him. He is not easy to defeat, with close to 30,000 HP and a near instant heal that he uses whenever his health gets low. Once you defeat him, he will say he is amazed you surpassed him and will give you the Magic Knight Invitation. This allows you to change your class to Magic Knight. You will need 1,000 grade before you can change to this class.

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Completion bonus

Complete the game and start a new game from your cleared saved game file to retain all items and stats from your previous game.

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Free items

Save the game before you buy the item that you want, then buy it. Make sure you have enough Gald for it. After you buy it, go to the inn. Talk to the innkeeper, and select "Trade" from the list of options. Make sure your friend does the same. Then, trade your friend the thing you just bought for a worthless item. After the trade, reload the game from the previous save point before the purchase. Your money will be the same as before you bought the item. Go back to the inn, and trade your friend a worthless item for the item that was just traded. You will now have the item but will not have spent any Gald.

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Joining party member hint

Whenever you're at an inn hiring new party members and someone you want to join drefuses, leave town and come back. Eventually the person will join your party.

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Radiant equipment stats

After you complete a Radiant quest, save your game before reporting back to the client. After reporting back, check the statistics of the Radiant equipment received. If you don't like the statistics of the equipment you've been given, just shut the game off and report back again. The statistics will change randomly each time, so you will eventually get statistics you're satisfied with. (The same method can be used when modifying your equipment).

Rating 1

Hunter Invitation

At a certain point in the game a quest will become available in the Ailily guild that involves giving Arche a Mabo Curry. It does not matter if you make it or get one as a reward, but you will most likely not find one until late in the game as it is semi-rare. When you give it to her, she will say that it is going to be for Chester. Later, you will get a scene in the Ailily guild that involves Arche giving the curry to Chester. Chester will get depressed and ask Arche to leave him alone for awhile. After more time, you will see a scene in the Ailily plaza that involves you cheering up Chester. Tell him that "Arche didn't mean to offend you", and he will say that he knows and will thank you for cheering him up. Before he leaves, he will give you the Hunter Invitation, which allows you to change your class to Hunter.

Rating 1

Ninja Invitation

You first need to have a level 30+ fighter. After reaching level 30+, keep doing quests in Gavada to build up fame until the "Test your skills with Senel" quest is available. Take this quest, and defeat Senel. Note - It is nearly impossible to defeat Senel at level 30. Train your fighter to level 35 or higher before fighting Senel. After defeating Senel, report back to him. You will be rewarded for the quest. Afterwards, talk to him again. Senel will give you the Ninja Invitation. This allows you to change your class to Ninja. Note - It takes 1000 grade points to change to Ninja.

Rating 1

Bishop Invitation

To unlock the ability to change your class to Bishop, complete all of Harold's quests to get the Bishop Invitation from her as a reward.

Rating 1

Neverending search point

Go to the Foot of the World Tree and remain on the first level. Go to the intersection here, and go to the left. Goaround the corner and go past the widened area. Then, when the path narrows, go to the first search point. Use any sickle and, no matter how many times you use them, the search point will strangely never wear out.

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Start with 900+ LUK

To start with 900+ LUK, when creating a character at the start, leave the default name as "Player".

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Unlockable Characters

Find the following characters in the corresponding missions:

Radiant Warrior: Orphic Maze+ mission (Touchstone) given by Kratos.
Radiant Warrior: Foot of the World Tree+ mission (Warrior) given by Reid.
Radiant Healer: Hallowed Bastion+ mission (Healer) given by Raine.
Radiant Wizard: Orphic Maze+ mission (Wizard) given by Genis.
Radiant Fencer: Mine+ mission (Fencer) given by Stahn.
Radiant Hunter: Weald+ mission (Hunter) given by Nanaly.
Radiant Thief: Lavacleft+ mission (Thief) given by Rutee.
Radiant Grappler: Frosthallow+ mission (Grappler) given by Senel.
Radiant Sage: Aelderwood+ mission (Sage) given by Harold.