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Tekken 6 Cheats "Unlockable Characters" (Sony PSP)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Anna - Defeat her in G Corporation, Millennium Tower.
Armour King - Defeat him in Lost Cemetery.
Asuka - Defeat her in Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts Dojo.
Baek - Defeat him in West Coast Canal Industrial Complex.
Bob - Defeat him in Central District, 11th Avenue.
Bruce - Defeat him in G Secutiry Service, Operations Headquarters.
Bryan - Defeat him in Southern Woodlands.
Christie - Defeat her in Seahorse Grand Hotel.
Devil Jin - Defeat him in Nightmare Train.
Dragunov - Defeat him in container Terminal 7.
Eddy - Defeat him in Tekken Force 4th Special Forces Operation Group Compound.
Feng - Defeat him in Deserted Temple.
Ganryu - Defeat him in Aranami Stable.
Hwoarang - Defeat him in Industrial Highway 357.
Heihachi - Defeat him in Mshima Estate.
Jack-6 - Defeat him in Container Terminal 3.
Jin - Defeat him in Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor.
Julia - Defeat all enemies in G Science and Technology, Research Building 3.
Kazuya - Defeat him in G Corporation, Millennium Tower Heliport.
King - Defeat him with Marduk in Mixed Martial Arts Gym "Wild Kingdom".
Kuma or Panda - Defeat Kuma in North Nature Park.
Law - Defeat him in West District, Chinatown.
Lee - Defeat him in Violet Systems.
Lei - Defeat all enemies in ICPO Branch Office.
Leo - Defeat it in 16th Archaeological Expedition's Excavation Site.
Lili - Defeat her in Queen's Harbour.
Marduk - Defeat him with King in Mixed Martial Arts Gym "Wild Kingdom".
Miguel - Defeat him in South Bay Warehouse Area.
Mokujin - Defeat it in Subterranean Pavillion.
Nina - Defeat her in Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Subway Line.
Paul - Defeat him in West District, 13th Avenue.
Raven - Defeat him in Secret Underground Passage.
Roger Jr. - Defeat it in Mishima Industries, Biotech Research Station Ruins.
Steve - Defeat him in Abyss Gate.
Wang - Defeat him in Fujian Tulou.
Xiaoyu - Defeat her in Mishima Polytechnic.
Yoshimitsu - Defeat him in Kigan Island.
Zafina - Defeat all enemies in Mystic's Village.

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