Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 Sony PSP Cheats

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Easy money and stats hints

-In Season mode do as many of the first challenges as you can, such as putting. Then, go the next season and do it again to make easy money and raise your stats easily.

-To achieve stats quickly and easily, every time you complete a mid-week challenge that gives you the type of stat points you desire (for example, Concentration, Power) do not return to the calendar after completing the challenge. Instead, select"Restart Event" from the menu and replay the event you just completed. The stat points that you earn from completing the challenge will accumulate. For example, 500 Power points and 200 Concentration points multiplied by how many times you complete that specific challenge. When you are done repeating this process, just select "Return to Calendar." The calendar will show that you completed the challenge and from there you can go to the Pro Shop and use all the stat points you earned. This works with all challenges (Putting Frenzy, Shooting Gallery, etc.).

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding passwords:

All clubs - Enter PROSHOP as a password.
Level 3 EA sponsorship - Enter INTHEGAME as a password.
Nike sponsorship - Enter JUSTDOIT as a password.

Rating 1

Unlock Sunday Tiger

Defeat Sunday Tiger in Career mode to unlock him for play.