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Tomb Raider: Anniversary Cheats "Unlockable Commentaries" (Sony PSP)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC  |  Wii


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Unlockable Commentaries

Enter the Options menu and turn on the following commentaries by completing the corresponding chapters. Replay the levels from that chapter, find the now available crystals, and activate them to hear a commentary from the game developers:

Croft Manor commentaries - Complete Croft Manor
Egypt commentaries (Temple of Khamoon, Obelisk of Khamoon, and Sanctuary of the Scion) - Complete Egypt
Greece commentaries (St. Francis' Folly, The Coliseum, Midas' Palace, and the Tomb of Tihocan) - Complete Greece
Lost City commentaries (Natla's Mines, The Great Pyramid, and the Final Conflict) - Complete Lost City
Peru commentaries (Mountain Caves, City of Vilcabamba, The Lost Valley, and the Tomb of Qualopec) - Complete Peru

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