Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 10

Get inside corners

Come up to a corner and do a grab or flip trick. If there is an area behind the corner, you can go through the wall. This is a good way to get inside of buildings.

Rating 9

Fast custom character

Create a character any way desired, then select the "Scale" option and set it so that all the bars are at the left end. He or she will be small but fast. Then play in Classic mode and get the THPS Coins to raise you speed to the maximum.

Rating 8

Completion bonuses

  • Complete story mode on Easy difficulty to unlock Shrek and Space Monkey characters.

  • Complete story mode on Normal difficulty to unlock the Alien Doctor, Boat Captain, Lost Soul 1, Paulie Ryan, and The Hand characters; and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater School, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Canada, and Pro Skater levels.

  • Complete all classic mode goals on Sick difficulty to unlock the Australian Cop, Bratwurst Vendor, Corn Vendor, German Cop, German Drunk, Horn Player, Lost Soul 2, Metal Detector Man, Pirate, Skatopia Punk, and Zombie 2 characters; and the Downhill Jam level in free skate mode.

  • Complete all gaps to unlock all food vendors, all musicians, the Bigfoot One, Boxer, Inline Skater, Lost Soul 3, Lounge Singer, Mayan, Skaboto, and Space Monkey 3 characters; and the Always Special, Moon Gravity, Perfect Grind, Perfect Manual, and Perfect Skitch cheats.

Rating 7

Combo and high score objectives

For the combo and high score objectives, do a long manual. While in the manual, press Square, Triangle, or Circle to do other types of manuals to add in your combo.

Rating 7

Set yourself on fire in Barcelona

Get some tomatoes, then find a boy throwing tomatoes at a caged bull. Join in and throw all your tomatoes and the bull will be set free. It will rampage around and hit a car. Ride over the car and you should be on fire.

Rating 7

Cheat Codes

Unlock the following cheat options by entering the corresponding codes at "Options" > "Cheat Codes":

Infinite rail balance "tightrope"
Play as Tony Hawk from original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater "birdman". Choose the "Secret Characters" option at the character selection screen in classic or free skate mode to access Tony Hawk from the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

Rating 5

Ride the sand in Australia

Find a way to jump to the sand (beach) while having a lot of time to do a trick. A good location is from the vendor. Get going and when you jump, do a Kickflip Roll or a Heelflip Roll to ride the sand if you land it.

Rating 5

Infinite supply

When you find Voltraman, press Square and he will throw electric balls; it takes awhile for them to disappear.

Rating 5


While walking, press Triangle on a wall to tag it with graffiti.

Rating 4

Chainsaw in Skatopia

Find the chainsaw at the top of the cliff by the outhouse. Climb the tree near it by press R while in the air.

Rating 4

Control camera

When skating, use the Analog-stick to move the camera. Note: Moving it when you are not on the skateboard will make you walk or run.

Rating 4

Star Wars kid in Boston

From the starting point, turn right and go to the apartments just before the construction site. Using the quarter pipe on the left side, jump through the window into the room above. You will see the Star Wars kid and can have him show you his moves. Press Circle to start and stop his moves.

Rating 4

Ride up wall during Training

In the Training level, go to the fountain and find a ramp against the wall. Ride up it and you will not fall.

Rating 4

Fall into the aquarium in Las Vegas

Go on the aquarium elevator and start jumping up and down without your skateboard when the elevator is moving up. You should fall into the aquarium. To get out, walk through the glass holding the fish in the aquarium.

Rating 3

Easy points in Berlin

Go down the stairs, then past the cop in front of the door. Then go through that door and you will be on the roof. Walk into the air conditioning unit and it will break. Then, walk over the sparks on the ground where it was. You should get 1,000 points each time. This is helpful for getting the scoring goals completed in Classic mode.

Rating 3

Sheep dance in Boston

Go to where the Star Wars kid is found, then go in the other apartment next to it to find someone dancing in front of a sheep.

Rating 3

Summon MegaBeast Zero goal in Kyoto

For the goals "Destroy the Mini-Beasts" and "Dragon Needs a Pedicure," you must first complete the "Summon MegaBeast Zero" goal by Sticker Slapping the air horns. This is easier if you grind the blue awning on the side of the building across from the horns. This will lead you to a wire which leads to the bottom horn and you can work up from there.

Rating 3

Custom skaters

Use the following lists to create the corresponding skater:

  • Abe Lincoln

Skin - White
Hair - Medium
Facial Hair - Honest Abe
Hat - Top Hat
Shirt - Suit Jacket
Pants - Suit Pants
Shoes - Brown Boots

  • Afro Thunder (Ready 2 Rumble)
Skin - Black (Brown)
Hair - Brown Afro
Shirt - Jersey; red
Gloves - Boxing Gloves
Pants - Shorts; any color
Shoes - Any
Scale - Maximum (Tall)

  • Clown
Hair - Red Afro
Face - Clown
Shirt Stripe Long Sleeve; red and yellow
Gloves (optional) - Black or white Rubber Gloves
Pants - 4 Star Plaid; red, orange, or yellow
Shoes - Clown Shoes 1

  • Jake
Note: The face can be any desired.
Skin - White
Hair - Mop Top
Glasses - Shades B
Shirt - SS Open Shirt; main color red, second color white
Left and Right Arm - Black Wristbands
Pants - Denim
Shoes - Adio Anderson V4

  • Robot
Shirt - Robot
Gloves - Robot Hands
Pants - Robot
Shoes - Robot Feet

Rating 3

Super jump in Las Vegas

Go to the waterfall on the second story to find that the waterfall goes down into the bowl and up the other side. If you stand next to the water going up, run, then jump while the water is pushing you up, you will perform a super jump. This is useful for getting up to the pools if you have just fallen off the edge.

Rating 3

Faster running hint

When not on the skateboard, use the Analog-stick to run faster (not holding X).

Rating 3

Hidden message in Skatopia

In Story mode when you get to Skatopia and do the Arcade Game High Score Goal, look at the initials that were already put in to find a hidden message. It will look like this: ten har dco rey ear ski cki ngy our ass, which translates to "ten hardcore years kicking your ass".

Rating 2


When you are not on the skateboard, hold X to run.

Rating 2


In order to get "Focused", fill your special meter then tap the Analog-stick Back. The game will go into slow motion, allowing you to "focus" better on the move that you want to do, hence the name. It will also allow you to balance better during grinds and manuals.

Rating 2

Enter skate park in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia (Classic or Free Skate modes), it is possible to get into the skate park without having to open the fence, which takes up valuable time in Classic mode. Skate straight toward the fence and Sticker Slap the fence (Ollie then X). If done correctly, you should be on the other side of the fence. Note: To get out, simply do the same thing.

Rating 1

Freak out

After you wipeout you can freak out by pressing Up and Down repeatedly.

Rating 1

Bob Burnquist message in Barcelona glitch

Depending on which of the two previous levels you play (Boston or Atlanta), you can lose Bob Burnquist in one of two ways. In both levels they spin the Wheel of Loogies. When the loogie hits the "Cut One Loose" space, they decide to cut Burnquist. In Boston, Burnquist is lost when he is hit in his "area" by a tennis ball launched by a pitching machine. In Atlanta, he is caught by the cops while spray painting a cop car and is hauled away. When "Cut One Loose" is hit, Mike Vallely gets a call saying Burnquist's bail has been set at $20,000 so they decide to lose him. The glitch is, if you play the Atlanta level and get to the part in Barcelona where you receive the text message from Burnquist, the message still reads as though he had been hit with the tennis ball, as if you had previously played in Boston.

Rating 1

Find Ben Franklin in Boston

Find Ben Franklin  in the left side of the big building that is red. You must jump higher to see him.

Rating 1

Easy points from lipping

Find an oval or circular quarterpipe and press Triangle to lip, then focus and try not to fall by doing a combo with Square, Triangle and Circle. If done correctly, you will earn about 200,000 points.