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Twisted Metal: Head-On Cheats "Cousin Eddy with Dark Tooth strategy" (Sony PSP)


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Cousin Eddy with Dark Tooth strategy

Start a story mode with Dark Tooth and, once you are on Cousin Eddy, take out the ATVs by shooting your regular gun the entire time. Don't worry about missing because the shots lock on. When you are actually fighting Cousin Eddy, do not worry about taking the time to hit all the hillbillies. Instead, use Dark Tooth's special. It will grab Cousin Eddy and take one or two hillbillies out. Repeat this until you have killed all of his hillbillies. You will then see Eddy's health bar. From here, use your special (if you still it), and it will send Eddy flying. Then, shoot your regular gun. It will take out half of his health. Repeat this until he is blown to pieces. However, if you did not have a special after killing his hillbillies, take him down to half of his health bar with missiles, napalm, ricochet, etc. By the time half of his bar is gone, you should have a special. Use it to defeat him.

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