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Twisted Metal: Head-On Cheats "Wishes" (Sony PSP)


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The wishes that the default characters make for their final movie is as follows:

Cousin Eddy - A new RV.
Grasshopper - For the car accident that she and her mother were in to never happen.
Marcus Kane - To wake up from the whole dream that is Twisted Metal (also in Twisted Metal 2).
Mortimer Scharf - To fall back asleep.
Mr. Grimm - To be human again.
Needles Kane (Sweet Tooth) - To become Calypso.
Outlaw - For his partner to shut up.
Spectre - To have money.
Thumper - To have her car more pimp.
Twister - To have her sister back (from Twisted Metal 2).
Warthog - To have a gun to kill all the drug lords.

The following is what happens to the default characters' wishes:

ATV - Wishes to be the most desired man in the world by all women. Every woman on Earth comes at him and smothers him.
Axel - Tries to wish for world peace, but is cut off by the man who created his prosthetic arms and legs and ends up wishing for pizza.
Cousin Eddy - Calypso makes him a perfect RV.
Dark Tooth - Needles Kane tells Marcus Kane that they are the same person. Both then take hold of Tower Tooth.
Grasshopper - She is shown on a swing with Calypso pushing her; Calypso is her father.
Hammerhead - Wishes for a one on one hunt with Calypso. Catfish shoots at who he thinks to be Calypso (turns out to be a decoy) and Calypso snipes Catfish, then hangs his head as a trophy.
Marcus Kane - He wakes up in his bed, out of Twisted Metal. The explanation is that Twisted Metal is a dream. 27 people got in a car crash and they were bound together in a coma and all were in the hospital. None woke up unless they wished to wake up. Marcus always said that it was all fake, and when he wished to wake up in Twisted Metal 2 (or Black), the nurses in the hospital freaked and said "he woke up!".
Mortimer Scharf - Calypso reads him a story about "a man named Mortimer Scharf", who won Twisted Metal, until Mortimer died again (asleep).
Mr. Grimm - His wish was for someone else to be the grim reaper. He walks in front of the bus, then "Mr. Grimm" appears on the new grim reaper's list.
Mr. Slam - Wants to build his unfinished tower and wishes to be reborn. Calypso grants his wish and turns him into a baby.
Needles Kane (Sweet Tooth) - Switches bodies with Calypso, then kills his old body.
Outlaw - He and his partner are fighting and he slips out, "I wish you would just shut up". Calypso closes her mouth up.
Spectre - Calypso grants his wish for money, but the money piles up and falls on him.
Thumper - She drives down the street with her music blasting, and when she turns on the hydraulics, the world shakes and a skyscraper falls on her car.
Twister - Her sister returns from hell still a skeleton and gives Twister a hug. She died in Twisted Metal 2; her wish was to be faster, and killed herself.
Warthog - He kills all the drug lords, but the kids who worked for the drug lords like them, and pull out guns and kill Warthog.

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