White Knight Chronicles: Origins Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 3


Complete Eldas' third request to have a new feature called "Rebirth" unlocked. Note: Spheria will join the corps after you complete Eldas' third request. Talk to a certain Jarhead when you reach level 100 and you can undergo what's known as "Rebirth". This will reset your level back to 1, but you will retain your Chroma progression and receive a Skill Point bonus.

Rating 2

Unlockable Field Quests

Unlock the following Field Quests by performing the corresponding tasks:

Fine Crystal Complete the "The Final Battle" Quest eight times.
Howling Mad Complete the "The Final Battle" Quest four times.
Ice King Bounty Complete the "The Final Battle" Quest five tmes.
Living Legends Complete the "The Final Battle" Quest three times.
Never Cry,Wolf! Complete the "The Final Battle" Quest twice.
Sablewing Elite Complete the game.
Sanctum VIII Map Complete the "The Final Battle" Quest six times.
Shadow Of Zwark Complete the "The Final Battle" Quest seven times.

Rating 0

Unlock Permanent Corps Members

Unlock the following Permanent Corps member by performing the corresponding tasks. Note: Raise a corps member's affinity to 100 in order to unlock that member's third request:

Abel Complete his third request.
Arietta Complete her third request.
Cassius Complete his third request.
Cienne Complete her third request.
Dadalios Complete Phibicle's third request.
Eldas Complete Cassius' third request.
Kiluca Complete her third request.
Nezghal Complete Dadalios' third request.
Shamori Complete his third request.
Spheria Complete Eldas' third request.