Worms: Open Warfare Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 1

Infinite Ammo

Head to "Edit Schemes" to unlock every weapon, ammo, and more. Select the option "Create New Scheme" and enter a name for your scheme. There, you can change the number of rounds, turn time, round time and retreat time, and you can edit the weapons sets by selecting 'Edit Weapon Set.' Select the weapon you want to edit and change the ammo value to the infinity symbol. This will give unlimited ammo for that weapon.

Rating 0

Full health

To restore your health, pause the game, then hold L + R and press TRIANGLE, DOWN, X, UP.

Rating 0

Challenge 1

To unlock Challenge 1, complete all three tutorials. Complete a challenge to unlock the next one.

Rating 0

Allstars team cheat

Press X(2), CIRCLE, X at the Challenge menu to unlock an ultra team called Allstars.