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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2006 Cheats "Move sets" (Sony PSP)


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Move sets

Move Set 1 Hardcore Holly (Alabama Slam x2)
Move Set 2 Val Venis (The Money Shot Pin, Leg Lock 11)
Move Set 3 Funaki (Bulldog 5, Lucha DDT)
Move Set 4 Maven (Backbreaker 12 x2)
Move Set 5 Rhyno (The Gore x2)
Move Set 6 Bubba Ray Dudley (Cutter, Full Nelson Bomb)
Move Set 7 D-Von Dudley (Saving Grace, Neckbreaker 13)
Move Set 8 Luther Reigns (Sidebuster 2, Reverse Neckbreaker)
Move Set 9 Lance Storm (Steven Kick, Single Leg Crab 2)
Move Set 10 Rikishi (Rump Shaker x2)
Move Set 11 Ultimo Dragon (DDT 5, Lionsault Pin)
Move Set 12 Kip James (FameAsser, Sidewalk Slam 4)
Move Set 13 Chuck Palumbo (Steven Kick, Torture Rack)
Move Set 14 Matt Hardy (Twist of Fate 2, Twist of Fate 1)
Move Set 15 Jeff Hardy (Swanton Bomb 2, Extreme Twist of Fate)
Move Set 16 Al Snow (Northern Lights Driver, Black Out Hold)
Move Set 17 Goldberg (Suplex Pin 2, Spear 5)
Move Set 18 Scott Steiner (Camel Clutch 4, Novacaine)
Move Set 19 Sting (Sharpshooter 1, DDT 9)
Move Set 20 Sean Waltman (Facecrusher 2, Edge'O Matic 2)
Move Set 21 Kevin Nash (Jackknife x2)
Move Set 22 Scott Hall (Powerbomb 5, Cross Powerbomb)
Move Set 23 Animal (Oklahoma Slam, Powerslam Pin 1)
Move Set 24 Hawk (Flying Clothesline 2, Neckbreaker 14)
Move Set 25 Ultimate Warrior (Amazing Slam and Splash, Clothesline Combination)

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