WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 6

Green character in intermissions

To get the green character from Create-A-Move set into an intermission sequence, start the game and play a match. Shortly afterwards, pause the game. Then, remove the Memory Stick DUO form the PSP. When you resume the game, you should see the green character appear when an intermission sequence plays.

Rating 5

Unlockable Legends

Unlock the following legends for purchase at the WWE Shop by winning the corresponding trophies in Season mode:

Bam Bam Bigelow - Win the Unforgiven trophy
Bret "Hit Man" Hart - Win the Survivor Series trophy
Cactus Jack - Win the SummerSlam trophy
Dude Love - Win the SummerSlam trophy
Hulk Hogan - Win the WrestleMania trophy
Jerry "The King" Lawler - Win the No Way Out trophy
Mankind - Win the SummerSlam trophy
Mr. Perfect - Win the Backlash trophy
Shane McMahon - Win the Armageddon trophy
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin - Win the Royal Rumble trophy
Tazz - Win the No Way Out trophy
"The Anvil" Jim Neidhart - Win the Survivor Series trophy
The Rock - Win the WrestleMania trophy

Rating 2

Interactive grapple from on the cell

Get yourself and your opponent on top of the cell. Then, get into any ultimate control move (R + Cirlce + D-Pad in any cardinal direction) and move over to the edge of the cell. As long as you throw the opponent forward, your move will go into an interactive grapple. It is almost as if you were to do the default Choke Slam and Push Off Cell move.

Rating 1

Unlockable Arenas

Unlock the following arenas by winning the corresponding trophies in Season mode:

Backlash arena - Win the Backlash trophy
ECW arena - Money In The Bank trophy
No Mercy arena - Win the No Mercy trophy
Saturday Night Main Event arena - Win the Superstar Challenge trophy
SummerSlam arena - Win the SummerSlam trophy
Unforgiven arena - Win the Unforgiven trophy
Vengeance arena - Win the Vengeance trophy
WrestleMania 22 arena - Win the WrestleMania trophy

Rating 1

Unlockable Championships

Unlock the following championships by performing the corresponding tasks in Season mode:

Hardcore Championship - Win the Superstar Challenge trophy.
Million Dollar Championship - Win the Legend Challenge.
n.W.o. Championship - Win the SummerSlam trophy to unlock the n.W.o. Championship in the WWE Shop for $3.500.
Smoking Skull Championship - Win the Royal Rumble trophy to unlock the Smoking Skull Championship in the WWE Shop for $5.000.

Rating 1

Enter the crowd

Strong Irish Whip (R + X + D-pad) your opponent into the upper-right corner of the floor. Your opponent should go over the barricade. You can now fight in the crowd. Note:  The fighting in the crowd area needs to be filled with weapons. If it is blank, your opponent will just go into the barricade as usual.

Rating 1

Diva loading screens

To unlock the Diva loading screens for purchase at the WWE Shop, win the No Mercy trophy.

Rating 1

Two table K.O.

Get your opponents limb's (body) to red. Then, set up a table in the ring and then get another one. Once you have the second table, put it on top of the first table (press X + Right-Analog-stick towards the direction of table). Finally, Irish Whip your opponent into the tables. A SmackDown icon should appear. Press L to put your opponent through both tables.

Rating 0

Easy "Escape From Cage Door" mini-game

Get into the "Escape From Cage Door" mini-game by pressing Circle + D-pad in any direction when your opponent is in the bottom left turnbuckle and you are near him. Then, just keep repeatedly press X. However, if you really want to win, try to get it near the "Max" icon, but still in one turn. The A.I. goes into the middle of "Min" and "Max" in one turn.

Rating 0

DX tag entrance

To unlock the DX tag entrance for purchase at the WWE Shop, win the Vengeance trophy.

Rating 0

Infinite CAW experience points

To get unlimited created wrestler experience points, win the GM Of The Year trophy.

Rating 0

Extra GM mode options

To unlock additional GM mode options, win the GM Of The Year trophy.