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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 Cheats "More accurate finisher and signature moves" (Sony PSP)

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More accurate finisher and signature moves

Make the following changes to have more accurate finisher and signature moves:

CM Punk
Finisher - Replace "Shining Wizard Combo 2" with "Anaconda Vise 2". This is his old finisher which he used against The Undertaker at Bragging Rights.
Signature - Replace "Rope Stretch Chicken Wing" with "Shining Wizard Combo 2". He uses that move often before the G.T.S.

Dolph Ziggler
Finisher - Replace "Paydirt" with "Reverse Neckbreaker". He only has that one finisher. He has never used Shelton's "Paydirt".

Eve Torres
Finisher - Replace "DDT 16" with "Handspring Splash". This is the cartwheel moonsault she has been using as a finisher recently.
Finisher - Replace "Womans Slap 3" with "Diving Moonsault 3". She used this to defeat Natalya on SmackDown.

Gail Kim

Finisher - Replace "Christo" with "Pull Back Big Boot". That is her "Jade Dragon" finisher she used to beat Maryse on RAW.
Signature - Replace "Pull Back Big Boot" with "Christo".

Corner Grapple - Replace "Mug Shot" with "Bulldog 2".
Finisher - Replace "Diving Leg Lariat 2" with "Flying Neckbreaker". That is his new finisher. He defeated Tyson Kidd after using it on SmackDown.
Finisher - Replace "Leg Drop Bulldog" with "Mug Shot". He has used this move a lot. It should be his second finisher.
Signature - Replace "Flying Neckbreaker" with "Diving Leg Lariat 2".

Kofi Kingston
Finisher - Replace "Twin Leg Drop" with "Forward Roll Leg Sweep". This is his second finisher that was renamed "S.O.S".
Signature - Replace "Forward Roll Leg Sweep" with "Twin Leg Drop". He used that a lot as a signature before using "Trouble In Paradise".

The Miz
Finisher - Replace "Shoulder Jawbreaker" with "Facecrusher 5". Unless you are using Create-A-Finisher, this is the closest move to his "Skull Crushing Finale".
Signature - Replace "Facecrusher 5" with "Shoulder Jawbreaker".

Shelton Benjamin
Finisher - Replace "Super Kick" with "Powerslam Pin 3". That is his old T-Bone Suplex finisher.
Signature - Replace "Powerslam Pin 3" with "Super Kick". He rarely uses it now.

William Regal
Finisher - Replace "Power Of The Punch" with "Regal Stretch". He used that move to become the 2008 King Of The Ring champion, and also used it on Christian in ECW.
Signature - Replace "Regal Stretch" with "Power Of The Punch".

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