WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 Sony PSP Cheats

Rating 9

Unlockable Abilities for Created Superstars

Unlock the following abilities in Create-A-Superstar mode by performing the corresponding tasks. To assign an ability, select "Abilities" > "Create-A-Moveset".

Durability - Get your Durability score to 85.
Exploder Tunbuckle Attack - Get your Speed score to 75.
Fan Favorite - Get your Charisma score to 80.
Fired Up - Get your Overall rating to 90.
Hardcore Ressurrection - Get your Hardcore score to 90.
Kip Up - Get your Technical score to 85.
Lock Pick - Get your Submission score to 80.
Object Specialist - Get your Hardcore score to 70.
Resiliency - Get your Overall rating to 92.
Strong Strike - Get your Strike score to 85.

Rating 7

Easy Hall Of Fame induction in Career mode

Win any six of the ten available belts to unlock the "Defend Your Championship" option when you select your next action. Choose to defend any belt. Select "Table Match" from the list of available match types. When the match begins, put your opponent through a table to successfully retain your championship. Repeat this two more times for a total of three times, and you will get a message saying "CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a legend and a member of the Hall of Fame."

Rating 6

Preset entrances

The preset entrances are as follows:

Legend 01 - Hulk Hogan
Legend 02 - Jimmy Snuka
Legend 03 - Mr. Perfect
Legend 04 - Junkyard Dog
Legend 05 - Eddie Guerrero
Legend 06 - Terry Funk
Legend 07 - Mick Foley
Legend 08 - Ric Flair
Superstar 1 - Kurt Angle
Superstar 2 - Booker T
Superstar 3 - King Booker
Superstar 4 - Chris Masters
Superstar 5 - Rob Van Dam
Superstar 6 - Sabu
Superstar 7 - Sandman
Superstar 8 - Jamie Noble
Superstar 9 - Kenny Dykstra
Superstar 10 - Bobby Lashley
Superstar 11 - Greggory Helms (Heel)
Superstar 12 - Colin Delaney
Superstar 13 - Balls Mahoney
Superstar 14 - Lance Cade
Superstar 15 - Trevor Murdoch
Superstar 16 - Big Daddy V
Superstar 17 - Snitsky
Superstar 18 - Paul London
Superstar 19 - Chuck Palumbo
Superstar 20 - Tazz
Superstar 21 - Hardcore Holly
Superstar 22 - Chris Beniot
Superstar 23 - Chris Jericho (Old)
Superstar 24 - Randy Orton (0ld)
Superstar 25 - Shane McMahon
Superstar 26 - Zack Ryder
Superstar 27 - Curt Hawkins
Superstar 28 - Elijah Burke (No Towel)
Superstar 29 - Super Crazy
Superstar 30 - Vader
Superstar 31 - Doink
Superstar 32 - The Boogeyman
Superstar 33 - Jimmy Wang Yang
Superstar 34 - Boxer
Superstar 35 - Clumsy
Superstar 36 - Ladies Man
Superstar 37 - VIP
Superstar 38 - Zombie
Diva 1 - Maria (old)
Diva 2 - Torrie Wilson
Diva 3 - Ashley
Diva 4 - Layla
Diva 5 - Victoria
Diva 6 - Candice Michelle
Diva 7 - Jillian Hall
Diva 8 - Aerobic
Diva 9 - Ariel
Tag 1 - Generic (Face)
Tag 2 - Generic (Heel)
Tag 3 - Generic (Arm Raising)
Tag 4 - Generic (Arm Swinging)
Tag 5 - Zack and Curt Hawkins
Tag 6 - Shane and Vince
Tag 7 - Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
Tag 8 - Paul London and Brian Kendrick
Tag 9 - Umaga and Armando
Tag 10 - Cena and Tony
Tag Legend 1 - Legion of Doom
Tag Legend 2 - Million Dollar Man and IRS
Tag Legend 3 - The Rockers
Tag Legend 4 - Bushwackers

Rating 5

Specialty matches for women's or Divas title

Choose any specialty match except Inferno, Hell In A Cell, or Last Man Standing with Divas as competitors. Note: This will also work with Triple Threat and Fatal 4-way match types. You can have them fight for the Women's or Divas title.

Rating 5

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding case-sensitive codes at "Options" > "Cheat Codes":

Dirt Sheet and Vince's Office Backstage Brawl areas - "BonusBrawl"
Wrestle as The Rock - "The Great One"
John Cena's alternate attire - "CENATION"
Randy Orton's alternate attire - "ViperRKO"
Santino Marella's alternate attire - "Milan Miracle"
Shawn Michaels' DX attire - "Bow Down"
Triple H's DX attire - "Suck IT!"

Rating 5

Created wrestler hints

-If you create wrestler as a Super Heavyweight, they cannot perform springboard dives or chain reversal. However, you are on the only weight class that can challenge the Super Heavyweight title that is held by Big Show.

-You can't pick songs not already used by original wrestlers. For example, you cannot use songs such as "Monster" and "Hero" by Skillet.

Rating 3

6-Man title match

Choose a 6-Man Battle Royal or Armageddon Hell In A Cell match. You can fight for any title in those matches. Note: The Money-In-The-Bank and Elimination Chamber matches are unavailable for title defenses.

Rating 3

Backstage Brawl hint

You can defend a belt in a Backstage Brawl but not the tag titles. Also, you can fight a handicap backstage brawl (one-on-two match type only).

Rating 3

Unlockable Backstage Brawl Areas

Unlock the following Backstage Brawl areas by performing the corresponding tasks in Road To WrestleMania mode:

Dirt Sheet - Play as Brand Warfare, and win the handicap match with either Triple H or John Cena in Week 11.
Interview Room - Play as Shawn Michaels, and beat Road To WrestleMania mode.
Locker Room - Play as Edge, and drag Mr. Kennedy on top of the Big Show and count the pinfall at No Way Out.
Vince's Office - Play as a created Superstar, and win your match in Week 6.

Rating 3

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks in Road To WrestleMania mode:

Cowboy Bob Orton - Play as Randy Orton, and do not use any strikes in your match in Week 9.
Dusty Rhodes - Play as Randy Orton, and defeat Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania and K.O. Dusty after the match.
Eve - Play as Mickie James, and pin or submit Maryse in Week 2.
Ezekiel Jackson - Play as a created Superstar, and throw each opponent out of the ring at least once in Week 3.
Green and Red Dummies - Play as Randy Orton, and refuse Cody's help, then reverse three of Batista's attacks in Week 3.
Jesse - Play as Edge, and hit every opponent with a finisher in Week 2.
Mr. McMahon - Play as Edge, and put Triple H through an announcer table in Week 11.
"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase - Play as Randy Orton, and defeat Ted DiBiase Jr. at WrestleMania and K.O. "The Million Dollar Man" after the match.
The Rock - Play as Edge, and beat Road To WrestleMania mode.
Trish Stratus - Play as Mickie James, and beat Road To WrestleMania mode.

Rating 2

Easy CAW points

Go to "Superstar Management", and select the superstar you want to build up. If he does not have a belt, give him one for now. Set the difficulty to Easy, and choose a One On One Extreme Rules match. Fight a weak superstar with your superstar, and defend the title. In the match, use grapples, strikes, weapons, and taunts. Use your finisher, and pin them. You should get approximately 14 to 20 points for a one to two minute match. Distribute the CAW points as desired. Then, select "Re-match", and repeat this until you get your wrestler built up.

Rating 2

Unlockable Extra Road To WrestleMania bonuses

Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks in Road To WrestleMania mode:

Champion Of Champions title belt - Play as Brand Warfare, and win at WrestleMania.
DX, Morrison, The Hardys, and The Miz tag entrances - Play as Brand Warfar, and win the Battle Royal with Triple H or John Cena in Week 2.
Road To WrestleMania Event Skip feature - Play as Randy Orton, and spend less than two minutes in the ring with the legal Superstar in Week 12.
Santino Marella Story Designer story - Play as a created Superstar, and reach 500 degrees at least four times in Week 11.

Rating 1

Preset movesets

The preset movesets are as follows:

Moveset 1 - Hurricane/Gregory Helms
Moveset 2 - Charlie Haas
Moveset 3 - Jamie Noble
Moveset 4 - Shane McMahon
Moveset 5 - RVD
Moveset 6 - Paul London
Moveset 7 - Lance Cade
Moveset 8 - Trevor Murdoch
Moveset 9 - Viscera or Big Daddy V
Moveset 10 - Elijah Burke
Moveset 11 - Boogeyman
Moveset 12 - Bob Holly
Moveset 13 - Val Venis
Moveset 14 - Kung Fu Naki
Moveset 15 - Tajiri
Moveset 16 - Brock Lesnar
Moveset 17 - Goldberg
Moveset 18 - Floyd Mayweather
Moveset 19 - Kurt Angle
Moveset 20 - Booker T
Moveset 21 - Rhino
Moveset 22 - Bubba Ray
Moveset 23 - D-Von
Moveset 24 - Samoa Joe
Moveset 25 - AJ Styles
Moveset 26 - Ric Flair
Moveset 27 - Mick Foley
Moveset 28 - Eddie Guerrero
Moveset 29 - Roddy Piper
Moveset 30 - Bret Hart

Rating 1

Unlockable Costumes

Unlock the following character's alternate costumes by performing the corresponding tasks in Road To WrestleMania mode:

Chris Jericho - Play as HBK, and make Jericho bleed in Week 6.
Edge - Play as Edge, and win in under three minutes in Week 6.
JBL - Play as HBK, and win the match in under four minutes in Week 8.
John Cena (street clothes) - Play as Brand Warfare, and put Kane through a table in less than 2:30 with John Cena in Week 4.
Mickie James - Play as Mickie James, and defeat Michelle McCool in under three minutes in Week 6.
Miz and Morrison (street clothes) - Play as Brand Warfare, and win the handicap match with either Triple H or John Cena in Week 11.
Mr. Kennedy - Play as Edge, and eliminate Mr. Kennedy from the Royal Rumble match.
Mr. McMahon (chicken head) - Play as a created Superstar, and spend at least one minute of the match outside the ring in Week 5.
Mr. McMahon (suit) - Play as a created Superstar, and win the WrestleMania match.
Natalya - Play as Mickie James, and choose Kendrick over Natalya in Week 9. Then, win the match while suffering minimal damage in Week 10.
Santino Marella (street clothes) - Play as a created Superstar, and make a successful diving attack from the top of the ladder in Week 12.
Shawn Michaels - Play as HBK, and hit both opponents with Sweet CHIN Music in Week 4.
Shawn Michaels (DX Option 1) - Play as HBK, and accept the Retirement Match in Week 10. Then, have your partner be the legal man longer in Week 11.
Shawn Michaels (DX Option 2) - Play as HBK, and decline the Retirement Match in Week 10. Then, execute three Double Team attacks in Week 11.
Randy Orton - Play as Randy Orton, and R.K.O. Dusty Rhodes at No Way Out.
The Brian Kendrick - Play as Mickie James, and choose Natalya over Kendrick in Week 9. Then, win the match without using a signature move or finisher in Week 12.
Triple H (DX) - Play as Brand Warfare, and win your match in under three minutes with Triple H in Week 6.

Rating 1

Cryme Tyme entrance glitch

Begin a match with either Shad or JTG or both as Cryme Tyme and leave entrances on. Notice when their entrance theme begins to play, the introductory "Yo, yo, yo yo! Shad Gaspard and J.T.G., it's Cryme Tyme!", which is part of their regular televised entrance, is not included.

Rating 1

Missing manager portrait glitch

Go to Exhibition mode and choose "Singles". Select your superstars and before you start the match, select a manager. When you get to the "Vs." screen, there will be a big black box where the manager should be.

Rating 1

CAW points

Get the following CAW points by performing the corresponding moves:

Charisma - Perform taunts during matches, and win with a Finisher or Signature move.
Durability - Take small amounts of damage during a match.
Grapple - Perform strong, corner, and ground grappling moves.
Hardcore - Perform attacks with objects to make your opponents bleed.
Speed - Perform running strikes, and diving and springboard attacks.
Strikes - Perform strong, corner, and ground strikes.
Submission - Perform submission moves.
Technical - Perform reversals and attacks after ducking or leapfrogging.

Rating 0

More accurate finisher and signature moves

Make the following changes to have more accurate finisher and signature moves:

CM Punk
Finisher - Replace "Shining Wizard Combo 2" with "Anaconda Vise 2". This is his old finisher which he used against The Undertaker at Bragging Rights.
Signature - Replace "Rope Stretch Chicken Wing" with "Shining Wizard Combo 2". He uses that move often before the G.T.S.

Dolph Ziggler
Finisher - Replace "Paydirt" with "Reverse Neckbreaker". He only has that one finisher. He has never used Shelton's "Paydirt".

Eve Torres
Finisher - Replace "DDT 16" with "Handspring Splash". This is the cartwheel moonsault she has been using as a finisher recently.
Finisher - Replace "Womans Slap 3" with "Diving Moonsault 3". She used this to defeat Natalya on SmackDown.

Gail Kim

Finisher - Replace "Christo" with "Pull Back Big Boot". That is her "Jade Dragon" finisher she used to beat Maryse on RAW.
Signature - Replace "Pull Back Big Boot" with "Christo".

Corner Grapple - Replace "Mug Shot" with "Bulldog 2".
Finisher - Replace "Diving Leg Lariat 2" with "Flying Neckbreaker". That is his new finisher. He defeated Tyson Kidd after using it on SmackDown.
Finisher - Replace "Leg Drop Bulldog" with "Mug Shot". He has used this move a lot. It should be his second finisher.
Signature - Replace "Flying Neckbreaker" with "Diving Leg Lariat 2".

Kofi Kingston
Finisher - Replace "Twin Leg Drop" with "Forward Roll Leg Sweep". This is his second finisher that was renamed "S.O.S".
Signature - Replace "Forward Roll Leg Sweep" with "Twin Leg Drop". He used that a lot as a signature before using "Trouble In Paradise".

The Miz
Finisher - Replace "Shoulder Jawbreaker" with "Facecrusher 5". Unless you are using Create-A-Finisher, this is the closest move to his "Skull Crushing Finale".
Signature - Replace "Facecrusher 5" with "Shoulder Jawbreaker".

Shelton Benjamin
Finisher - Replace "Super Kick" with "Powerslam Pin 3". That is his old T-Bone Suplex finisher.
Signature - Replace "Powerslam Pin 3" with "Super Kick". He rarely uses it now.

William Regal
Finisher - Replace "Power Of The Punch" with "Regal Stretch". He used that move to become the 2008 King Of The Ring champion, and also used it on Christian in ECW.
Signature - Replace "Regal Stretch" with "Power Of The Punch".