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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6 Sony PSP Cheats

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Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Aki (Academy Uniform) - Clear two character's story
Andore - Clear Jean's story
Antinomy (D-Wheeler/Dark Glass) - Clear Yusei and Bruno's story
Aporia - Clear Jack, Rua (Normal), Ruka (Normal) story
Bommer - finish Jack's story
Bommer (Dark Signer) - Unlock with Tag Force 5 UMD Recognition or duel Bommer (Normal) 30 times
Brave - Clear Harold's story
Breo - Clear Jean's story
Carly (Dark Signer) - Unlock with Tag Force 1 UMD Recognition or duel Carly (Normal) 30 times
Demak (Dark Signer) - Clear Rua (normal) and Ruka's (normal) story
Dragan - Clear Jack's story
Evil Sherry - finish both Aki and Crow's stories
Jean - finish Crow's story
Jinbei Tanigawa - Clear Taro's story
Jose - Clear Jack, Crow, Aki (Normal) story
Kiryu Kyosuke (Dark Signer) - Unlock with Tag Force 4 UMD Recognition or duel Kiryu (Crashtown) 30 times
Kiryu Kyosuke (Team Satisfaction) - Unlock with Tag Force 3 UMD recognition or duel Kiryu (crashtown) 30 times
Lucciano - Clear Rua (Normal) and Ruka (Normal) story
Mikage - Clear Ushio's story
Misty (Dark Signer) - Unlock with Tag Force 2 UMD Recognition or duel Misty (Normal) 30 times
Misty (Normal) - Beat Rua's story
Placido - Clear Bruno's story
Rally Dawson - Clear Jack and Yusei's story
Rex Godwin (Dark Signer) - Clear Antinomy (D-wheeler/Dark Glass), Sherry LeBlanc, and Aporia's story
Rua (Academy Uniform) - Clear three character's story
Rudger Godwin (Dark Signer) - Clear Rex Godwin's story
Ruka (Academy Uniform) - Clear four character's story
Sherry LeBlanc - Clear Crow and Aki's story
Taro Yamashita - Clear Ruka's story
Yeager - finish Crow's story
Yoshizo Hayashi - Clear Taro's story
ZONE - Clear Yusei, Jack, Rua (Normal), Ruka (Normal), Aki (Normal), Crow, Bruno

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