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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 Cheats "Unlockable Cards" (Sony PSP)


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Unlockable Cards

Unlock the following cards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Ancient Fairy Dragon - Complete Luna's (Normal) story.
Black Rose Dragon - Complete Akiza's (Normal) story.
Black-Winged Dragon - Complete Crow Hogan's story.
Chevalied de Fleur - Complete Sherry LeBlanc's story.
Dark Armed Dragon - Complete Mina Simington's story.
Dark Highlander - Complete Fake Jack's story.
Future Vision - Complete Carly Carmine's story.
Goyo Guardian - Complete Tetsu Trudge's story.
Heavenly King Black Highlander - Complete Fake Jack's story.
Infernity Doom Dragon - Complete Kalin's story.
Jester Queen - Complete Lazar's story.
Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity - Complete Jakob's story.
Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity - Complete Lester's story.
Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity - Complete Primo's story.
Power Tool Dragon - Complete Leo's (Normal) story.
Red Nova Dragon - Complete Jack Atlas' story.
Scrap Twin Dragon - Complete Yusei's (Poncho) story.
Shooting Star Dragon - Complete Yusei's (Normal) story.
Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon - Complete Luna's (Academy) story.
Tech Genus Blade Gunner MAXX-10000 - Complete Vizor's story.
Ultimate Axon Kicker - Complete Akiza's (Academy) story.
Wattchimera - Complete Leo's (Academy) story.

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