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Class Guide

  • The best starting class due to their ability to heal. However, they will have a little trouble making it through the first stages of the game asSP costs are just too high early on, and they don't have a reliable, cheap skill at their disposal. Note that late game their skills Holy Bless and Restore can keep them alive through anything at relatively low SP costs, except killer traps.

Advised Stat Distribution
  • +2 Str, alternate between +1 Con and +1 Spi

  • Healing spells
  • Passive abilities that greatly increase effectiveness

  • Relies too much on SP for damage output
  • No screen-clearing skill

  • Warriors are the best at defeating multiple enemies upon reaching levels beyond 30 and 40. Getting to that point, though, requires much patience and care as they are the slowest class. The skill Berserker Spirit, however, offers 100% chance of critical, so they can hit their way out of most situations. Their screen- clearing move, Mateo, is an ultimate tool of destruction, which in the late game is capable of hitting higher than 100k.

Advised Stat Distribution
  • +3 Str

  • Very high damage output through devastating skills
  • Able to strike enemies more than two tiles away

  • Slow speed
  • Learns many useless skills

  • Assassins boast high speed and damage ratio, but getting surrounded without means of escape (Invisibility/Thunder Storm) can result in many rapid-fire deaths. Their speed and critical rating allows them to take down enemies without being harmed themselves. Most passive abilities largely augment the Assassin, much unlike the other classes.

Advised Stat Distribution:
  • +2 Agi, +1 Str

  • Fastest class
  • -nvisibility combined with a very high natural critical rating is perfect for clearing dungeons

  • Vulnerable against multiple enemies
  • Can't heal like Paladin or do crazy damage like Warrior

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