Dead or Alive 5 Plus PSP Vita Cheats

Rating 4

OMG mode

Get 5,000 taps total in touch matches to unlock OMG mode.

Rating 3

Change/remove Female Fighter outfits

While at the character selection screen, press SQUARE or TRIANGLE instead of pressing the "X" button when choosing a female fighter. You will hear a different sound upon selecting a character. This will change the color of their bra or panties-- or even remove an entire undergarment like Christie's bra on her default costume.

Rating 2


Trophy How To Unlock
Fighting Entertainment
Have your first fight outside of Training Plus or Versus modes.
Rival Rumble
Fight online 10 times.
Fighting For Real
Play a Ranked match.
Jump In
Play a Simple match.
Keep Your Enemies Close
Played in ad hoc mode.
Trigger the Special Danger Zone in The Show.
Tango Kilo November
Trigger the Special Danger Zone in Hot Zone.
Arcade Cleared
Clear 1 course in Arcade mode.
Time Attack Cleared
Clear 1 course in Time Attack mode.
Survival Cleared
Clear 1 course in Survival mode.
Fledgling Fighter
Fight 10 Versus matches.
Training Hard
Play Free Training mode for 1 hour.
Your Education Begins Now
Played in Tutorial.
Challenger Appears!
Played in Combo Challenge.
Can't Touch This
Played a Touch Fight.
On the Edge of Your Seat
Play Spectator mode.
Fighter, Know Thyself
View your results in Fight Record.
Say Cheese!
Take a photo.
How Do I Fight?
Display the Move List.
How Do I Fight Like a Pro?
Display the Move Details.
A Fight to Remember
Save a replay.
Turn it Up
Changed the background music settings.
Who's Got Popcorn?
Viewed a movie in the Movie Theater.
Safety First
Turn Danger Zones off on the Stage Select screen.
Blow 'Em Away
Successfully land a Power Blow.
Down You Go
Successfully attack during a Cliffhanger.
Cliffhanger Comeback
Successfully block an opponent's attack during a Cliffhanger.
I Read Every Move
Win without taking any damage.
Failure Teaches Success
See all characters' losing poses.
Watch all movies in Story mode without skipping any of them.
The Curtain Rises
Clear the Prologue in Story mode.
Ninja Battle
Clear "Kasumi: Part 2" in Story mode.
Rival Rampage
Fight online 100 times.
Earned 100 titles.
Arcade Master
Clear all courses in Arcade mode.
Time Attack Master
Clear all courses in Time Attack mode.
Survival Master
Clear all courses in Survival mode.
The Fight Never Ends
Fight 100 Versus matches.
Exercise Newbie
Perform all moves in Command Training.
A Fighter is Born
Completed all lessons in Tutorial.
...And Then THIS Happened!
Clear all chapters in Story mode.
Unlocked the "OMG" breast motion setting.
DOA5 PLUS Is My Life
Fight online 500 times.
Unchallenged Champion
Completed all lessons for all characters in Combo Challenge.
Fighting in Style
Unlock all costumes.
DOA5 PLUS Master
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

Rating 1

Alternate Victory Poses

Every character has at least two victory posses. To view them, press and hold "Punch", "Kick" or "Hold" as soon as you win fight but before the victory pose begins. For a character with three poses, each button corresponds to a different pose. For a character with two poses, "Kick" and "Hold" will be the same.