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Dynasty Warriors Next Cheats "Unlockable Mounts and Items" (PSP Vita)


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Unlockable Mounts and Items

Unlock the following Mounts/Items in the indicated mode by performing the corresponding tasks:
Ancient Remedy Campaign Mode - Conquer "Changsha" in "A Land United" - Hard mode or higher
Art of War Campaign Mode - Conquer "BeiPing" in "The Tiger's Advance" - Medium mode or higher
Bai Hu's Jewel Coalition Mode - "Blitz" Kill all 6 enemy general with 4 mins time left
Bear Mount Campaign Mode - Conquer "Changan" in "Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition" - Chaos mode
Charge Bracer Coalition Mode - "Sentinel" protect all 7 bases, clear game with 6 mins time left
Dragon Greaves Campaign Mode - Conquer "Hefei" in "Conquerer of Jiangdong" - Hard mode or higher
Elephant Mount Campaign Mode - Conquer "Nanzhong" in "A Man of Virtue" - Medium mode or higher
Hex Mark Saddle Gala Mode - Complete Steeplechase under 1'30
Jade Earrings Campaign Mode - Conquer "Jiaozhi" in "The Three Visits" - Easy mode or higher
Master of Musou Campaign Mode - Conquer "Jiaozhi" in "Quiet Ambition" - Easy mode or higher
Meat Bun Pouch Campaign Mode - Complete "Yellow Turban Rebellion" - Easy mode or higher
Obsidian Remedy Campaign Mode - Conquer "Xiangyang" in "Battle of Chibi" - Easy mode or higher
Power Rune Coalition Mode - Complete "Sudden Death" with the time left more than 24'30s, kill 1500
Red Hare Saddle Campaign Mode - Complete "The Endless Quest" Hard mode or chaos mode
Shadow Runner Saddle Campaign Mode - Conquer "Luoyang" in "The Struggle for Power" - Chaos mode
Stimulant Remedy Coalition Mode - "Marauder" Take all bases (without lose any base to enemy again), kill all enemy general with 25 mins time left
Survival Guide Campaign Mode - Conquer "Xiangyang" in "The Three Visits" - Chaos mode

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