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General Hints

  • Find a good assistant and scout. Assistants offer helpful advice on almost everything else you do in the game, so don't settle for the terrible default. Scouts are useful in that they take the guess work out of recruiting, which can otherwise be a difficult task.

  • Recruit from more nations to increase the chances of finding an affordable, undervalued player who will transform your team into a winning machine.

  • Keep your facilities simple. Avoid spending so much money on facilities that you don't have the resources to make the other changes your team needs more. Focus on smaller improvements and save the big expenditures for those wonderful days when you're finally in the premier league. Otherwise, you may never quite get there.

  • Limit your recruitment. In other words, avoid recruiting every great player you find. Build a team with a few core players who fill the required roles, then save your financial resources for concerns that aren't wage-related.

  • Don't rush to make drastic tactical changes. Occasionally a tactic doesn't yield the desired results but all it needs are slight changes, such as changing player positions. Don't give up too quickly on a sound plan that just didn't work when executed a certain way. Small adjustments are usually better than sweeping changes.

  • Have an alternate plan in mind. The game makes it easy to prepare more than one, so you should always have a good offensive tactic and a good defensive one prepped and ready to go, in case the tempo changes unexpectedly.

  • Attend press conferences, even if the interviews are repetitive. They're a great way to improve dipping player morale and to perhaps do the opposite for the opposing team.

  • Stats and experience aren't everything, so keep an eye out for young blood. There are probably young players on your team who can play above expectations. Give them a chance, especially if a veteran has a run of three or four bad games. It may be time to bench the veteran and take a chance with someone unproven.

  • Pay attention to your contracts. Avoid losing a good member of your staff to leave because you let a contract expire, nor do you want to have to pay a premium to keep someone around when a contract renewal would have avoided costly negotiations.

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Trophy How To Unlock

You were offered a job by a larger team than you were managing.
Unlock Unlimited Scouting

You unlocked unlimited scouting.
Unlock All Players Interested

You unlocked all players interested.
Unlock Foreign Influx

You unlocked foreign influx.
Unlock No Sacking

You unlocked no sacking.
Unlock No Loan Restrictions

You unlocked no loan restrictions.
Unlock Attribute Masking

You unlocked attribute masking.
Unlock No Transfer Windows

You unlocked no transfer windows.
Unlock Son Generated

You unlocked the son generated.
Unlock No Work Permits

You unlocked no work permits.
Unlock National Management

You unlocked national management.

Your team was unbeaten in 10 consecutive competitive matches.
Squad Depth

Win two consecutive matches fielding an entirely different starting line up in each.

Your team won a competitive match by at least 5 goals.
Clean Sheet

You played a competitive match without conceding a goal.
Fantastic Five

5 of your players were selected in Team of the year.
Full Faith

You have gained 90% overall board confidence.
Record Signing

You broke your club's record transfer fee spent on a player.
He's Signed

Sign a player for your team.
Spanish Hero

You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Spain.
Italian Hero

You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Italy.
French Hero

You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in France.
Scottish Hero

You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Scotland.
English Hero

You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in England.

Your team played the entire season without losing a league game.
Best in the Business

You have won the Manager Of The Month award 10 times.
On Top Of The World

You have won the World Cup.
Trophy Hoarder

You have won 20 cup competitions.
Part Of The Furniture

You have stayed at one club for 10 seasons.
Double Hat-Trick

Your player scored 6 or more goals in one competitive match.
Super Cup Glory

You won a continental cup competition.
Best In Europe

Your player won the European Player Of The Year award.
The Boss

You won the Manager Of The Year award.
National Service

You were offered a job in senior international management.
Scoring Streak

Your team scored in 10 consecutive competitive matches.
Unstoppable Force

Your team scored the most league goals over an entire season.
Star Man

One of your players was selected in the Team Of The Year.
Comeback King!

You won a competitive match after being 2 or more goals down at half-time.
Parked The Bus

Your team didn't concede a goal in 5 consecutive league games.
Team Performance

Five of your players were named in a team of the week.

You won the top league in a nation.
Cup Glory!

You won a top domestic cup.
You're Up!

Guide your team to promotion in a domestic league.
Top Of The Class

You won a manager of the month award.

One of your players scored a hat-trick.
Golden Boot

Your player was the top scorer at a World Cup.
Iron Curtain

Your team conceded the least league goals over an entire season.
Over Achiever!

Your team was picked as the leagues over achieving team.
International Superstar

One of your players was selected in the World Cup Best XI.
Back Of the Net!

Your team scored a goal in a competitive match.
He's Sold!

Sell a player to another team.
Goal Machine

Your player was the top league goalscorer over an entire season.

You have won 3 consecutive top division league titles.
First Victory

You guided your team to victory in a competitive fixture.
Freedom Of The Country

You have won an international championship.
Best In The World

Your player won a World Player Of The Year award.

You have received 10 Manager Of The Year awards.
Parked The Tank

Your team didn't concede a goal in 10 consecutive competitive matches.
Value For Money

Congratulations! You have played Football Manager for 30 seasons.
Do The Double

You won a nation's top league and cup competitions in the same season.

You have received 20 Manager Of The Year awards.

Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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