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Fruit Ninja PSP Vita Cheats

Game also available for:   iPhone

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Challenge Unlockables

Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:
Bamboo Shoot blade Play a full game of Zen Mode every day for 5 days.
Butterfly Knife blade Get a combo with a Strawberry 40 times.
Chinese Zodiac background Slice 384 peaches (lifetime).
Disco Blade blade Slice 50 Bannanas.
Flame Blade blade Get a combo in Zen Mode after the timer stops.
Fruit Ninja background Get a score of 125 in Clasic Mode, and do not drop a fruit the entire time.
Great Wave background Slice 150 Watermelons.
I Heart Sensei background Read 3 of Sensei's Fruit Facts.
I Heart Sensei full version Read 3 of Sensei's Fruit Facts that are about Strawberries.
Ice Blade blade Slice 20 Freeze Banannas in Arcade Mode.
Mr. Sparkle blade Lose Classic Mode with a score of 42.
Mr. Sparkle full version Slice 3 pineapples in a row in Clasic Mode.
Old Glory blade Lose Classic Mode with a score of 50.
Party Time blade Slice nothing but the Strawberries in Arcade Mode.
Piano Blade blade Get 100 Critical Slices.
Pixel Love blade Follow Halfbrick Studios on Facebook or Twitter.
Pixel Love full version Get 50 combos in Classic mode.
The Firecracker blade Lose Classic Mode with a score of 208.
The Shadow blade Get a score of 175 in Zen Mode while upside-down.
Yin Yang background Slice 75 Passionfruits.

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Trophy How To Unlock
Are you Kidding ?!

Fail with the same score as your personal best.
Tee Hee Hee

Get a score of 69.
Year of the Dragon

Slice the secret fruit!
Over Achiever

Get a score over 400 after all bonuses in arcade mode.
Under Achiever

Get a score less than 20 after all bonuses in arcade mode.
Bomb Magnet

Hit three bombs and score over 250 after all bonuses in arcade mode.
Moment of Zen

Achieve a score of 200 in Zen Mode.
Lucky Ninja

Get 6 criticals in one round of classic mode.
Deja Vu

Kill 4 of the same type of fruit in a row in classic mode.
Friend or Foe

Invite a Friend and Defeat them in an Online match.
Combo Mambo

Slice 6 fruit in a combo.
Fruit Annihilation

Kill 10000 Fruit Total.

Unlock all Blades and Backgrounds.

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