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Muramasa Rebirth Cheats "Boss accessories" (PSP Vita)


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Boss accessories

After completing the second endings with both Kisuke and Momohime, the white barriers on the map will disappear. You will be able to face the Bosses from both characters' Story mode again. Defeat the following Bosses to unlock the corresponding accessories:
A Pair Of Clappers Defeat Musashi (Momohime's storyline).
Cloisonne Rosary Defeat Yamato (Kisuke's storyline).
Dragon God Belt Defeat Mino (Kisuke's storyline).
Dragon God Gauntlet Defeat Suruga (Momohime's storyline).
Dragon God Mask Defeat Yamashiro (Momohime's storyline).
Imari Platter Defeat Iga (Kisuke's storyline).
Iwami Poison Defeat Shinano (Kisuke's storyline).
Izumo Charm Defeat Hida (Momohime's storyline).
Jade Matagama Defeat Mino (Momohime's storyline).
Merchant's Abacus Defeat Totomi (Kisuke's storyline).
Ninja Socks Version 2 Defeat Yamashiro (Kisuke's storyline).
Nio Bracelet Defeat Suruga (Kisuke's storyline).
Sacred Tree Tablet Defeat Ise (Momohime's storyline).
Shura Seal Defeat Sagami (Momohime's storyline).

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