Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen PSP Vita Cheats

Rating 4

Cheat Codes

Pause the game and hold the L and R buttons, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes with the D-pad. Note: A sound will confirm correct code entry:


Rating 2


Trophy How To Unlock
Alchemical Aspirations
Use alchemy to create an original ninja tool.
Apprentice Ninja
Beat the game on Easy Difficulty.
Bandit Buster
Leave no bandit alive.
Chimatsuri Sappo
Perform a Chimatsuri Sappo successfully.
Counter Puncher
Perform a Mikiri successfully.
Covert Ninja
A true ninja always goes unseen.
Cutie Kaede
Kaede is so cute! I wish I could play as her...
Familiar Faces
You met some familiar ninja from bygone days.
Flying the Night Skies
Use the Fukurou to fly.
Full-fledged Ninja
Beat the game on Normal difficulty.
Gears and Springs
I love wind-up toys!!
Grapple Hook King
Throw that grapple hook!!
Hard Worker
Complete all the tutorials.
Perform a Zankoku successfully.
Ichijo's Peace
View Ichijo's ending event.
Kazama is Never Satisfied
View Kazama's ending event.
Kihan's New Journey
View Kihan's ending event.
Killing Spree
Kill 2 enemies with a single Zankoku.
Mikiri Maestro
Find fortune in peril.
Ninja Initiation
Level up for the first time.
Ninja Tool Craftsman
Become a connoisseur of alchemical ninja tools.
Finish Chapter 3.
One Flower
View the "One Flower" ending.
Person of Power
You gave it your all to wipe the enemy out.
Recovery Elixir Popper
Coming back from the brink of death is part of being a ninja.
View the "Reflections" ending.
Finish Chapter 2.
Salmon, Salmon, and More Salmon
You really like salmon, don't you?
Scattered Petals, Burning Petals
Finish Chapter 1.
Shuriken Sharpshooter
Prove the strength of the shuriken.
Sticky Fingers
Did you steal something?
The First Step
Complete the first mission succesfully.
The Only One I Love
Finish Chapter 4.
The Silencer
Silence every witness to your deeds.
The Zankoku One
Become a master of using Zankoku.
Two Flowers
View the "Two Flowers" ending.
Uzumbi Artisan
It's their fault for stepping on it.
Alchemical Genius
Create the symbol of an Alchemical Genius.
Assassin's Pedigree
Perform all the special Chimatsuri Sappo successfully.
First Class Ninja
Beat the game on Hard difficulty.
Gaga for Greens
Collect every type of weed.
Gecko Hunter
Collect every type of gecko.
Versatility is part of being a ninja.
King of the Beasts
Encounter a bear like none other.
A true ninja also knows how to save.
Mushroom Village
Collect every type of mushroom.
Ninja Hunter
Every ninja must die.
Become a master of using Chimatsuri Sappo.
A ninja loves all without bias.
Legendary Ninja
Beat the game on Deadly difficulty.

Rating 1

Infinite Thrifty Ninja Scrolls

Follow these steps to create as many Thrifty Ninja scrolls (or any other scroll or item you cannot pick up) as desired:

1. Make two Thrifty Ninja scrolls by having any single component at 555.
2. Start a mission (reconnaissance type recommended) and go to a safe location.
3. Use one Thrifty Ninja scroll.
4. Activate the "Ragdoll" and "Item Eater" cheat codes.
5. Equip the other Thrifty Ninja scroll into your right or top inventory slots.
6. Press RIGHT or UP(depending on which inventory slot you selected) and the scroll will appear in Zen's hand. He will then raise his arm and eat the scroll.
7. Press RIGHT or UP again, but before Zen puts the scroll in his mouth, immediately press LEFT
8. If done correctly, Zen will fall down with a scroll in his hand, and the number of Thrifty Ninja scrolls in your inventory will increase by one.
9. Press X, SQUARE, TRIANLGE< or Left-analog stick DOWN to stand up.
10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 as many times as desired.