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Game also available for:   iPhone

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New Game +

New Game + inclues a new sidequest with two crystal soldiers that awards you with an attachment when completed. You also get the white and black costume for Beryl. If you want a new dungeon you can get three of them after you finish the game and then load your old save.

1 year ago

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Tales of Hearts R PSP Vita Q&A

What does it do better and what does it do worse?

Answer from Horde4ever

in and simple, like mimicking Xillia series growth system or something like that.

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Answer from Horde4ever

I still prefer DS but there's a lot of good stuff in this version as well. The growth system in original Tales of Hearts is awesome. I like it, they should be more creative to produce something like that again in the future. ToHr growth system is just pla

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I'd like this game to hit USA.

Answer from BreadKnight

I wish, but I know it's better to have low expectations...

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