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Ys: Memories of Celceta Cheats "Double Accessory Equip for Adol (Same Accessory)" (PSP Vita)


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Double Accessory Equip for Adol (Same Accessory) **Updated 1 year ago**

Equip double accessories on Adol
At Comodo, craft six of the accessories to be equipped. Equip them on all of your characters as usual, except Adol. Place the item on Adol's second accessory slot. Craft a seventh accessory and choose "Confirm" when asked to select someone to equip it to (the character boxes should all be grayed out). If done correctly, Adol will have two of the same accessory equipped. Note: If you unequip either of the dual accessories you will have to crafter another one to repeat the glitch. Some effects of this glitch are as follows:

  • Two Skill Ring IVs: 0 SP skill cost.
  • Two Life Ring IVs: +1000 HP.
  • Two +4 Skill Point Amulets: +8 skill points per skill used.

2 years ago

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